Monday, June 9, 2008

Plastics the culprit

China has banned the use of plastic bags, including their manufacturing with effect from 1 June, after 20 years since their introduction. This is to protect the environment.

Can Malaysia do that? A big question. I am always in favour of government initiation whenever we need to cut down on pollution. We may say we all can do our part personally. Yes, if everyone does his/her part. But can we?? No way. I can do my part but it's a foregone conclusion. Unless it's going to be like the recent general elections where everyone does his/her bit (well, at least the majority).

I have given up trying to support recycling; simply because I can't find a convenient drop-off point. I used to unload my stuff at the recycling bins in front of the council building at the Esplanade. But now that I'm retired, I no longer go there. Talking about the bins. As you know there are always 3 bins for three separate types of trash. Anyone would assume that when they were collected , surely they would be placed into 3 separate compartments. To my horror, I saw those people in the small lorry, picked up the bins and simply emptied the loads into the lorry!!

No separation!! This is recycling, Malaysia Bolih Method. I won't be surprised if they were taken to the dump site and discarded as rubbish!!

It is just peasant mentality; 4th class mentality. And who is to blame?

You know at Tesco, they place the green bags for sale @ 90sen? I wonder how they are going to tell whether I've paid for them the next time I check out using the green bags. This is one of the reasons that I am hesitant to buy them.

Have a nice day!

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