Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mahathir: Ex-judges bribed to throw dirt at me

The Star today reported that Tun Dr Mahathir claimed that former judges removed during the 1988 judicial crisis were “bribed” into making allegations against him. As far as I have read so far, Tun Abas did not wish to comment much. What about those who had already passed away?

Mahathir purportedly alledged that those ex-judges were bribed to throw dirt at him. Is the old man trying to be at par with Samy Vellu, "the dust"? Suddenly the word "dust" has become so popular after I used it when I started blogging. Can I claim it to be my intellectual property and sue those who use the word "dust" or "dirt"? Assuming both words are quite synonymous. I will become a millionaire then!

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