Thursday, June 26, 2008

Penang Hill Cable Car Halted.

View of Georgetown from back of
Bellevue Hotel

"Not again!" my grand daughter's favourite phrase picked up from Playhouse Disney Channel. The Penang Hill furnicular train, the Star reported, will be incapacitated for several months. Aiyoh! Pity the traders at Penang Hill. The newly renovated David Brown Restaurant will be hardest hit, and also the quaint and nostalgic Bellevue Hotel. Yes, Bellevue Hotel. It is nostalgic indeed. Bellevue Hotel was the original name, but in the 70's it was called simply the Penang Hill Hotel and I was the young manager overseeing the 12-room cum restaurant facilities. I used to occupy the front room of the "new" front annexe.

Once a week I would have a day off. Never heard of the cable cars having problem then. As Manager I got to enjoy the first class cabin. Yes, during those days you have the first and the second classes. One of the old coaches is now at the Penang Muzium. So I am also a muzium piece!!

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