Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Contestants 15 Children !!

(Picture from My Sinchew)

I am not writing about the KT By-election. You can read them in 1001 blogs by just a click. One thing I know it's going to be a Bye-Bye Election for one Party.

What caught my eyes in the Star report was that the two main contestants have a total of 15 children!

Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh ( BN ) has 6 daughters!

Haji Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut ( PAS) has 2 sons and 7 daughters!

And the WINNER is PAS Haji Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut! Majority 3 children.

Detail majority results: sons 2; daughter 1.

By the way, this bye (oops sorry "by")-election has no efect on the present administration. So there is nothing to lose.

This gives more reason to vote in order to kick out the rotten egg rather than to elect an incumbent.

Have A Nice Day !!


Gracie said...

Justin & monster,

So you've 32 stylers of making love and you're doing it 7 times per night?

I've tried to imagine that, but once your face appear in my mind ar, I'd have to quickly grab my minyak kapak and handphone. I was about to pass out again!

So Justin, please don't show me monsterball's naked pics, or this time it would cause DEATH!

Hence, I neither need an ambulance nor Dr. Hsu, but a coffin and a Buddhist monk!


Justin, this blog of yours provide endless entertainment!


monsterball said...

What is this..Gracie...all of a lively?
On me...go back to that post la.
Read carefully!!
I say..I know 32 ways to make love...not apply 32 ways...7 times per night!!
I said...I used to make love 7 ties per night...but time 7 days.
You are so crazy about me..your otak is running wild...sleep with it. Enjoy your wet dreams.....hahahahhahahaha
Shall we meet?

monsterball said...

Now back to the subject.....which is PAS will knock UMNO out so badly....Najib will apply his gentlemanly defeat speech....forgetting how he bragged.
Dollah could not care his days are numbered.
Gracie is even worst...simply out of this world.

monsterball said...

hi Gracie...I am monsterball...not monster.
Don't copy Dr.Hsu.
He said that with loving kindness.
It's like the word "bastard".....depending who utters it to enemy or a friend.
My Indon soul mate is enjoying your fainting spell..seeing me....feeling no jealousy.
I am well guarded by her from prowlers......hahahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

If you see me want more of me.
If you taste me..touch me..hug are a real gonna......PROVIDED...Justin stop crying....then I will react.
Now I am as cold as Stone Cold Austin to you.....hahahahahhaha

monsterball said...

hi Gracie..did you see Jim Carey "Liar Liar"? That's you!!
Waiting to buy...."Yes Man" cheap good clear copy.
Just got...'The legend of Bruce Lee"..52 episodes from on 6th episode.
It seems this is his real life story....quite different from...
"Dragon"...acted by Jason Lee.

monsterball said...

MONSTERBALL...the entertainer..need no agent to promote me.

KT Chinese voter said...


A lot of people's heads will roll after KT bye-bye election concluded.

Furthermore, paper cannot wrap fire. People are not so naive not to know that, especially KT voters. Let see who got the last laugh, the loudest laugh.

You are right, PAS won even though contest still not started yet sons 2; daughter 1.

The BN Dacing is senget, no wonder policy also berat sebelah.

Another KT Chinese Voter said...

Wow, more children from PAS members, soon they do not need DAP or PKR and can implement HUDUD.

Justin Choo said...

So long as DAP is strong, don't worry.

A true Malaysian said...

Sure, full backing to DAP, a truly multiracial party that even Haris Ibrahim chooses to join DAP if he decided to be a politician.

Pakatan Rakyat is sure to win, ultimately.

monsterball said...

Star has nothing much to report about the three vices..all goodies talk about the children...but don't be may have 4 wives.three hidden elsewhere with more children.
I notice True Malaysian keep promoting Harris Ibrahim. One time...he even say...that man will be a great PM.
Have he met Harris before?
He is a real nice guy.....but one in politics...that have not really established his reputations as a strong freedom fighter.
This lawyer....I met him...can talk good as anyone. ....but I will consider him as just one of the best Malaysian.
Why TM keep talking about a nobody...trying to be Bernard Khoo..alias Zorro?
Does TM know these two are best
Previously...zorro was with Rockybru.
So don't know....don't jump t9o conclusion.
May I remind TM....the simple Chines proverb...."Know a can never know the heart" to study the got to he constant...committed ...and not swing like TM..or keep talking things he actually do not know??


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