Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The End Of An Error

President-elect Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama,
arrive at We Are One:
Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. - AP pic

Today marks "the end of an error"!! The worst possible US President in history marched past into oblivion with head bowed. What a relief : The End Of An Error. The End Of A Terrorist!

Today starts "The Era Of Correction" for President Barack Obama.

Let's wish him success and hope he can bring peace to the world.


dr hsu said...

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let us hope this journey would take the world to a level where there is peace and prosperity and less killings.

I wish OBama all the best in his uphill task to refrom the US.

A true Malaysian said...

Can President Bush junior proud of his legacy?

How about PM Dollah? He doesn't even care of his legacy. He said his legacy is not important. Malaysia Boleh, semua ok, hahaha.

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

In that respect, Bodowi is less stupid than Bullshit.

Oops, what am I talking about?

A true Malaysian said...


If one does not leave any legacy before he or she leave the world, it is as good as he or she never existed in this world.

Haha, legacy is not important. Malaysia really boleh, apa pun boleh, tidak apa lah.

bow said...

Bodowi apa pun boleh, tidur sangat pandai! Cakap besar pun boleh, semua boleh....hahaha...

Bodowi has left a legacy of making an Islamic state out of Malaysia with many world class university graduates , he will be forever remember as a great leader by muslims around the world, haha...

Justin Choo said...

Actually we must thank the Old Goat and Sleepy Head. Without them, change is just a dream. Now change is a reality. Not "if" but "when".

Surprise to see you here again, "bow", after your abrupt "disappearance".

Welcome back.

bow said...

Thank Justin. Did not surf into blog for a few days to give myself a break out of commenting and blogging.

I don't expect Obama can really perform miracle to USA economy situation, or much to the volatile situation in middle east. He has many huddles to cross even in his own country, many powerful interest group consist of white men will want him to put their business interest first at foremost in his administration policy, if not he must prepare to face all sorts of humiliation and insults soon if not later. It is very difficult for a minority to lead in a majority white country,
i envision he will not change much of Bush policy during his term of office except probably some minor adjustments.


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