Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free 4-D Numbers : Sure Strike !!

Free 4-D numbers. Sure Strike!!


Thank you voters of KT !!


cilyhot said...

Justin,you must have bought a lot of Magnum,Kuda and Toto shares.

A true Malaysian said...

Ok, one big one small for RM10. The number add up to 3.

I like 3. It sound alive in Cantonese, shirt / dress in Hokkien.

Good omen for this coming CNY. Let's us celebrate, we already won even it does not strike.

A true Malaysian said...

32883 - read in Cantonese, sound like

Shang Yi Fatt Fatt Shang

means, business (Shang Yi) prosper (Fatt Fatt Shang). Good omen for Pakatan Rakyat to be Federal Government soon.

32883 - total number of votes PAS win.

A true Malaysian said...


How you look at Chinese votes in the just concluded KT by-buy-bye-bye election? Your basis of predicted were based on Chinese votes.

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

I just make a guess that the Chinese would be the king makers.

If the analysts are correct, then it's the young voters, and not the Chinese.

I really don't know. Leave it to the political analysts like Liew Chin Tong.

Whatever the reasons, PR won. Or better still BN/UMNO lost.

A true Malaysian said...

I find it strange. Ceramah at Restoran Ocean was so successful. Donation collection also overwhelmingly good and yet Chinese turnout and votes were low.

Something strange must be happened. Anyone from can explain this, especially KT Chinese?

dr hsu said...

The CHinese turnout is low because many of the youngr people work in KL or other towns.

For them, net week they have to go home for CNY. SO many of them would not make the trip..

From my figures, the Chinese votes have decreased marginally for BN in the 4 pollig districts where Chinese formed a sizeable group.
I do not know how MCA came to the conclusion that Chinese voters returned to MCA.

If the young voters return home, most of them would be for the opposition....

A true Malaysian said...

Ong Kian Meng has come out with a very good analysis of KT Chinese votes in his article in Malaysiakini.

OTK apparently, is not so analytical, his comments was immediately played up by MSM. This is just typical of BN controlled media, and was expected.

Chinese Malaysian should be 'bold' or 'revolutionary' in their votes. The whole Malaysia may be dragged down by your 'kiasi' mentality.


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