Monday, January 12, 2009

That IS Enough

I was out from 10.33am after posting my last comment.

I received a rude sms at 2.05pm from someone giving me an ultimatum.

I suspected something must be going on in the comments after I left.

I only logged in at 2.40pm.

Now I understand. But I shall make it very clear that no one is going to dictate me as to how I manage my blog.

I shall leave the last 3 comments at 1.13(cilipadi), 1.17(monsterball), and 1.25 (monsterball) in "A Rose For Everyone" in order to "explain" what had transpired. From now on, all comments shall be moderated.

Have a nice day.

[For those who have not read my last post, here it is:]
To all visitors,

As I said before I value everyone who visits this blog and comments. I also said which I repeat here:
No problem with me if no one comments and no one cares to visit. Better than talking to myself in the house, that's all.

I don't earn anything that could feed me each day by blogging. I do this because I like it. If any visitor comes and comment as a friend, it's a bonus to my happiness.

So the choice is yours, to ALL of you. You can come anytime or go anytime. No big deal to me.

Have a nice day.


A true Malaysian said...

We witnessed something like the Chinese saying, "paper unable to cover up fire".

Since I do not believe in God, I could not seek forgiveness for sin that I may committed. I believe no such easy passage in the first place.

Repent, repent, nothing but repent for whatever wrong doing one committed. This is the only logical way for me. I am not sure about others.

(Note : a comment in good faith to test how strict is your moderation, Justin. Hope you found peace in blogosphere thereafter)

monsterball said...

Justin...I will leave you in peace...with my last message...if you approve it.
At was so thrilled to get me posting in your blog...starting from "Rose Chan" and few please me.
No one posted anything...and you and I were so agreeable in everything we posted out at Doc's blog....especially AGAINST the govt..and Gerakan.
Checkout our comments at that time.
chilipadi is welknown to follow me and discrupt my thoughts and irritate your blog.
Where is e now at Susan?
Doc seems to control released....for reasons ..he knows best. How much more proof you need that chilipadi/chilihot are one and the same. Do you trust this man?
You seem to manage well in the past...and put out his message...using that as freedom of speech. I start thinking why you do that....ignoring my request to see your blog have intelligent and friendly messages.
I suddenly realise the reason. You see...I treat you aS a personal friend. We met..and you talked through phone so many times....always friendly....always totally sincere. You told me your family did I of you.
Personal friends do not allow one to keep insulting another. I defended Sheih and Susan whenever cyber troopers were after them..few years ago..because we met and are friends.
Do not be sucked cilippadi or Doc.. saying I am banned everywhere.
For youir information...I have 16 blogs I visit frequently...that;s too much...but I do keep in touch with all.....not because I am lonely or have nothing else to do....but I manage my time perfectly well.
Perhaps you take exceptions on my tough messages...which chilipadi said...I put out to cause trouble?
That's not true!!
I put out to challenge a good debate.....but leave that chilipadi is nothing to me.
Everyone knows who is that rude and unstable minded person . Everyone knows who is the rude person sms to you.
You have become arrogant....for one and only reason cannot manage and handle problems.....but it is your as you like.
But please.. don't call me rude...who gave you no ultimatum...but one writing tio ac open his eyes.
It backfired.....for know best. What is so rude with a friend sms to another friend....feeling unhappy?
But now I ar getting popular.....monsterball no more ever the nice guy..get rid of him...better to loose him than ...BOW and everyone else.
Last but not least....just few weeks told me to be at your blog....when not Dr.Shu's blog. How friendly and concern you were.
Now check out your own attitude and do not twist things.....saying I am if I am so important and boastful. I need not take this from you or anyone else.
My biggest problem is .....when I treat someone like a friend....I like to joke..pull a fast one...and dead serious to battle him/her....on politics..if the message is to program Malaysians to be nice most nice guys..have weak minds....can be unreliable in voting change of govt. That is my belief. Right or wrong...I am thinking about our grandchildren.
Go read my message carefully and think. If I dare to put it in writing..I dare you to prove I am wrong.
If you dare not...please do not call me rude.

monsterball said...


dr dolittle said...


I have a feeling of deja vu. It was the same thing. Met, sms, phoned and then when I deleted certain messages, (less of him than others), what you are experiencing


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