Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chili Leaves : Good For Health?

This just came through email. I wonder whether it is true.



Chili leaves contain complete range of 蛋白氨基酸 [amino acid ?]. almost 4 times compared to the chili fruits. They also contain more than double what chili fruits have of 元素硒 , which are anti-cancerous substance. On top of that, chili leaves are rich in calcium, beta carotene, various vitamins and other nutrients.

Eating a suitable quantity of chili leaves enhances secreation of digestive juices, improves appetite and are good for reducing indigestion, gastric and stomach discomfort. Regular intake of chili leaves also helps maintain body heat, strengthening liver, improving eyesight, reduces weight and improves

Chili leaves are tasty and can be cooked alone, fried with meat or for making soup.


What do you think??


A true Malaysian said...


Real or not, so good? This post makes me think of cilipadi, cilihot, and makes me hungry. Haha

cilyhot said...

Justin,every food had their good qualities!Just we had to make sure the intake are moderate.My aunt from Penang ate chillies and belacan a lot every day previously.Alas she had to stop after one of her kidneys failed to function anymore ten years ago.The doctors said her previous favourite food was connected to her condition ,only BECAUSE she took too much. I am not joking!!

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian & cilyhot,

That reminds us of doing things moderately.

cilipadi said...

Justin, A true Malaysian & cilyhot,

I have achieved my aim in blogosphere. I wish not to elaborate further over here.

My apologies to you, Justin, for causing you inconveniences in any way.

Being moderate in all things we do is what we should do, in virtual or in real world.


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