Friday, January 9, 2009

A Rose For Everyone

A ROSE for you. The rose is my favourite flower. The delightful fragrance pervades all evil. The beauty overwhelms all ugliness. The colour overshadows all darkness. The mere presence of a single rose conquers all resentment and hatred.

You are also invited to read one of my earliest posts on 1 April 2008:
"A Rose Is Not For A Fool"


"An eye for an eye" makes everyone blind.

Dear all readers,

This is not a political blog.

This is not a blog for creating resentment.

This is a blog for all to read and comment on the relevent subject, and to be friends.

I invite all of you here to read and to share opinions. This is a "public" place although it is my blog. It is impossible for me to please everyone.

The best approach is that ALL readers be more sensitive to others.

It is unfortunate that this blog programme does not allow deleting part of the comments. When it is even one word to be deleted, the whole comment got to go.

Have peace. Hatred and resentment are just poisons one injects into one's mind causing misery to oneself.

If this blog is to fur
ther create hatred and resentment, then I shall not be a party to it.

Please read this message without prejudice. I am NOT for or against anyone.

Have a nice and happy day !


monsterball said...

I have a big oil painting of one rose....always hanging at my office room.
Yes..rose lovers are no fools.
But political two timers may love the same thing..have real great personalities...and have we not seen them supporting divide and rule us for more than ..50 years?
You may blog for friendship...but certain commentators have clear selfish support PRESENT GOVERNMENT.....not to change it..and I risked my walk the talks..not to be fooled by these nice guys.
It's FOR or AGAINST change of government and those against playing the game of how to agree or disagree or simply talking nonsense....I have the rights to expose them.....regardless this is a political blog or not. eye for an eye is out-dated,.but UMNO and BN is bringing Malaysia 52 years behind the 'eye for and eye' must be consider valid.
If not...the whole world will fall to the devils....where world populations are blinded to be good good stuffs..doing absolutely nothing to help change the government...except put the "x" in an election.
Not enough!
Malaysians must rise to the be blunt and straight forwards...and stop being nice guys...when talking politics.
It does not matter...if this is a political blog. This blog do talk politics...and politics is never so more important to Malaysians than ever before...right now...since we are so near to change the government....and the slightest hint to me....that one is trying hard to be a nice guy...not to support..change of government....I will expose him/her.
All of you be nice human beings.
Freedom Fighters have no time for that.

monsterball said...

Lei Chong Wei in final,
All others...GONE CASES!!
Can anyone tell me ....why the third match is call the "rubber match" badminton?
What is so rubbery bout third match...except perhaps...Malaya in the late 40's won the Thomas Cup in England..and noted Malaya was export rubber.
Never too old to tell me ...why is it call.. "rubber set" .

A true Malaysian said...


An eye makes everyone blind. This is exactly what is happening in the middle east conflicts.

Anonymous said...

The famous grand old goat was bombarded from all directions, front, back, top, centre, left, right, bottom for saying things without proper thinking.

Maybe this old goat has no brain like...recalcitrant.

monsterball said...

Wow..who is this grand old goat being bombarded like Mamak.
I am also old...not a it cannot be I am loved so much by well educated commentators in Lim Kit Siang's blog.
An Anon with no big in blogging...quite common.
Each time I read an "Anonymous" judging others...I hope IT is not a male specie.
Maybe a deformed human specie...became an IT.

monsterball said...

Middle East conflict is totally different eye for an eye.
It has gone beyond that!!
That is why..we must eye for an eye against UMNO... and BN...before Malaysia become worst.
But reasoning and logic cannot be understood by anyone...with an established selfish two timer's character...not dependable.. to vote against UMNO or BN at all.
Well established ..'nice guys' usually vote for peace and harmony...they keep supporting through MCA and Gerakan....because they are so well educated...separating themselves from the men..bus drivers of their own race.
Chinese are the most disunited race on Earth...and in Malaysia...some who hero worship China....are the main disunite the Malaysian of Chinese origin.
Who are they....go read their smart comments.
They actually look down on their own race!
They love to to succeed by being ..who you know and not what you know...being nice guys...especially to their masters..UMNO.
Go study the people voting for MCA and Gerakan.
Besides very few desperate poor Chinese....being bought by them...vast..huge majority are voting against MCA and Gerakan....are not so well educated and belong to the so call. guys calling a spade is a spade...not interpret it as something else.
In short...ordinary Malaysians of all or poor...voted for the 12th election...and some "ordinary" voters...can go back to support MCA and Gerakan..if ever they think...UMNO have a good chance to win again.
Such are the two timers.
Such are the unreliable characters...we must not depend 100% will vote for change in government.
They will use every calm everyone...not to apply eye for and eye...over an evil racialist government.
They are afraid of business for them...with demonstrations...walking the talks...democracies...if ever more and more of our freedom are taken away.
They think of themselves...and not the country.
They are quite rich too.
Islamic sentiments will always be prove DAP is against Islam...with the support of MCA and the subject on.. Hudud law.
Without using Islamic religion and race issues...UMNO is nothing.
Where are the two timer masters...MCA and Gerakan??
Why...hiding under the sarongs of UMNO...afraid and balless.
What is Malaysia?
Are you blind?
It's going backward and the India fighting for freedom...applying eye for and eye ....against Mahatma Gandhi's shorten British rule.
One who do not care for Malaysians and the country...or have feeling for others.....can never understand 'eye for an eye" wake up rise up and fight for your freedom....with your lives.
If dare not....shut up.....and don't be too a smart Confucious student.
Our present situations are caused by Malaysian Chinese...that talk alot of craps...even supporting a blogger to be PM...and not Anwar...than change his mind....based on his whims and fancies

Justin Choo said...


I've checked the link. The Old Goat is the same one I referred to several times in my blog. It is not you.

cilyhot said...

Justin,I feel compelled to write something.As the regulars know,I seldom put comments nowadays although I ALWAYS READ your blog daily.I am a DAP supporter.The reason why I stopped putting in comments is that I respect your wishes and authority as a BLOG owner.I agree with you that an eye for an eye is counterproductive.Anyway this is a free world.I have a right to disagree with the way one conduct himself on putting his view ALTHOUGH we may be on the same political broadband.And you have your rights as a blog owner too!!So I still maintain my policy of my silent protest,supporting you quietly.

Justin Choo said...


Your comment came in about the same time as "cilipadi". I don't know how to trace the source the comments are coming from; but is it a mere coincidence?

A true Malaysian said...


A sidetrack here to highlight a writer of his nature are floating anywhere in blogoshpere. Just borrow some space from you for this purpose :-

This Baradan Kuppusamy appears in everywhere. His articles can be found in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider.

One of his article that attracted me is titled In Chennai, a new party for Indians in Malaysia, where he also implicated DAP as a Chinese party. But from the readers comments, almost all don’t buy his ‘logic’. You all can read here,

A comment by Honest view gained the most popularity votes of 26 out of 31 comments. I reproduce here for all to read,

Malaysian Indian should give full support to DAP
written by Honest view, January 06, 2009
My honest view on Malaysian Indian marginalization which gave birth to Hindraf should be tackled not on racial point of view, which in this case Indian.

DAP, one of the oldest multiracial party in Malaysia, are being perceived as a Chinese party simply because its memberships are Chinese majority. No thank to MSM to this wrong perception. If DAP is a racist Chinese party, by right we can’t see MPs like P.Patto, V David, Karpal Singh, Kulasegaran, just to name a few, being nominated to contest and win in general elections. Just compare to BN, how many Indian MP that they have as compared to the whole of Pakatan Rakyat or just at DAP level.

Setting up of another Indian party would not help in solving the Malaysian Indian dilemma. One thing for sure, Hindraf should not have the mentality of only Indian can help Indian. They must discard such mentality. If not, you guys are back to square like BN mentality.


All these responses proved to Baradan that Malaysians are not blind and stupid. Their eyes are clear and not being blurred by these smokescreens that he created all over. He in fact, has lost his creditability as far as I am concerned.

monsterball said...

Justin...chilihot and chilipadi is one and the same....out to disrupt good flow of yours...Susan's ad doc's blog.
I guess...they know Lim Kit Siang have the latest and best no such person rojak his blog.
Susan seems to ..delete anyone with two nicks..same person.
I said that long long ago.
Do not be fooled by the different style of writing.
But as long as not disturbing good flow of thoughts..OK.
Go to the other post...and notice LiLi was giving such nice thoughts and also talking to ME...then comes chilihot.
It has a touch of pure jealousy...just like in Doc's will change the entire subject...right after I post my thoughts....have now..succeeded to be Doc's most valued commentator.
So....the art to agree to disagree...applied to one who have made up his mind..for or against this two timer...I will watch him like a hawk.
Tried that at LKS's effect.
You see...Justin..if a man is such a great Malaysian..he should go to Rockybru and Sheih blogs...battle the pro UMNO and win some votes for Pakatan Rakyat.

cilipadi=cilihot=cilyhot,? said...

So cute here both Old Goats. They are just same calibre. One with own blog, the other one was kicked here and there, poor goat.

I pity him, no one wants him. Who to blame? From his face, you know. Someone is talking to himself, no one cares.

siapa makan cili, dia no pedas...the old goat without blog

A true Malaysian said...


Beware of the following:-

# FY Lim Says:
Today at 16: 01.46 (2 hours ago)

All Beware !

These are the paid spinmasters by MCA and BN :

Lee Wang Yen
and others to be named later

They are now taking over the space of YB Kit’s blog to spin the BN’s and discredit PR’s leaders.

Very subtle and under very thin veil.

"taking over the space..." is the key words here.....beware, we can see the same pattern all over.

monsterball said...

Very sharp eyes by True Malaysians.
So far it is Lee Wan Yen and one name Limkamput.
Undergrade2 is not...but I maybe wrong.
It looks like TM is helping to look out two timers? Great news.
I like to clearify....I agreed to an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...all along...UNTIL...RPK...Sheih...Teresa Kok all arrested under ISA.
Especially RPK...for few months...and if not for "the
eye for an eye" ...he may not be released so soon.
You see..."eye for and eye" mean...action with a reaction...and the reactions are make sure UMNO do not go overboard.

A true Malaysian said...

Compliment should go to FY Lim, not me.

"These are the paid spinmasters by MCA and BN". If what FY Lim claimed is correct, not bad to get paid for fooling around. But, that is for certain kind of people, not for me.

Anyway, see any more names will be added by FY Lim.

cilyhot said...

Justin,(this is the last time),I am not connected to any other cilis around.AND THE LAST STRAW IS WHEN HE BELITTLE SOMEONE ELSE WHO IS CHILDLESS.

monsterball said...

TM..Do you agree with FY Lim....or just paste it here.
Why not at Lim Kit Siang's blog?
Why here?

monsterball said...

It is so common to observe blog owners value more commentators than quality stuffs.
It is also very owners...with sacrifice keep everyone happy.
It's your house.
Your guest...chilipadi/chilihot is irritating me...with True Malaysia praising him.
True Malaysia...I can problem.
Cilipadi/chilihot is so clear...out to irritate me. I ignore......but I wonder how much respect you have for so call...valued commentators like be insulted at your blog.....yet you approve??
You cannot sit on the fence or keep blind eyes minding your own business anymore. CHOOSE!! There will be more 'chili' nicks!!!
Maybe I write too that it?

Justin Choo said...

I have posted my message to cilipadi :

"I think the message is very clear and I too have been trying my best to allow "free speech".

I think it's enough.

Have a nice day."

To all visitors,

As I said before I value everyone who visits this blog and comments. I also said which I repeat here:
No problem with me if no one comment and no one cares to visit. Better than talking to myself in the house, that's all.

I don't earn anything that could feed me each day by blogging. I do this because I like it. If any visitor comes and comment as a friend, it's a bonus to my happiness.

So the choice is yours, to ALL of you. You can come anytime or go anytime. No big deal to me.

Have a nice day.

cilipadi said...

All the while, I only mention 'someone', but since this 'someone' can 'rasa pedas' now, I shall refer him as the infamous 'monsterball'.

I have achieved my aim in blogosphere, i.e. to entice him show his 'tail' that he hides so well all the time.

Not only his tail, his face is all over in blogosphere and people's perception on him is one of 'unreasonable', a 'mole' planted and so on....

Monsterball is a lonely guy want to 'poke at people's asses', so to make people quarrel with him in blogosphere, so he doesn't feel lonely, but, is this the role he plays? Think about it.

If you people want, I shall give you further tips to korek his smelly hole. At the meantime, I have achieved what I wanna achieve, unless you people want more from me.

Thank you for being so patient with me and monsterball, you are a nice guy. Sorry if I inconvenient you, Justin. (Monsterball never know how to say sorry one for shitting around your house)

monsterball MAKAN CILI, monsterball RASA PEDAS.

monsterball said...

So you call all his messages irritating free speech?
Go read the last approve.
For what reasons?
You want me to reply to him....than accuse be as an Doc?

monsterball said... can stuff all your bloody nonsense on me....into your arsehole.
What do you know..except...keep judging and irritating me?
Everyone knows you are a sick man.
Come on worm....put out what you want to talk about me..all the details. Don't h8imt like a pussy.
I will be pasting grandfather three years stories by Simon Wee?
hi....I am still f..king your master.....Mahathir.
Be ever on my low class worm. foot.
Your chilipadi have no balls.
So many keep telling me to ignore you are a nobody.....but since Justin said...yours are freedom of speeches....lets see how right he is.


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