Friday, January 16, 2009

By-Buy-Bye Bye Election!

(Picture from Zorro-unmasked)

Today is the last day of campaigning for the P36 KT


Voters of Kuala Terengganu :
Please send a Monsoon Message come tomorrow!!!


A true Malaysian said...

KT voters, make sure it is of the scale of 'tsunami' and wash them to South China Sea.

A true Malaysian said...


“Children, if you desire for change, for our only homeland and for the sake of your children, my grandchildren, please come back to KT by 17 Jan 09, and vote for PR-PAS candidate. Only then we can have brighter future. There will be hope when we decided to change for the better”

cilyhot said...

For Justin Choo's fans who are KT voters,please VOTE for PAS tomorrow!!We need to send a message to umno that politics DO NOT mean giving sweets during by elections!!Look at my homestate, Perak.........the Pakatan won by a meagre majority only.In a management of 9 months,they manage a surplus of 90 million rm on the state coffer,,which is a record!!!Previously all the BN run years are on deficits!!!!!!!Do you know why?????Tell BN we reject them until they wake up !!!For now they are still sleeping.

A true Malaysian said...


What is your prediction? My is PR-PAS to win by 6,000 majority votes.

A true Malaysian said...

Berita terkini can be followed over here

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

11% of 80,000 is 8800 are Chinese voters.

Say with all the cheating, etc,etc,
half of the Chinese votes : 4400.

I like "9" so I predict 4999 majority for Pas.

A true Malaysian said...


Malay votes not 50:50 lah. Latest report is 70:30 in PAS favour.

My prediction stays, 6000 margin

Bet char kuey tiow?


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