Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prediction Time Again.

It's that time of the year again. Prediction, prediction, prediction. What would 2009 be?

At the end of every year all the "grandmasters" of feng shui will pop their heads out of the shell, just like the tortoises. Predicting this and forecasting that. After that they will retract their heads into the shell hibernating until the end of the year and the pathetic cycle starts all over again when the year comes to an end!

They never do any review monthly or periodically to confirm their predictions. Would they??

My prediction for the coming year is that by the end of next year these tortoises will pop out their heads again.

Another prediction; if it's not going to be a bad year, surely it's going to be a good year. However if neither happens, then it's going to be no change.

Have a nice day, every day.

And A Happy New Year : 2009 !

May you have good health,
peace and contentment!


monsterball said...

Yes!! 2009 cannot be worst than 2008.
It should be better and watch out..UMNO taking advantage and ask voters not to rock the for the better life is natural....not from UMNO so call ..good governance at all.
It will be better..firstly...2008 was the worst we have experienced...not since the experiences we had...from the self appointed dictator...most corrupted..Mahathir made a mumbo jumbo out of everything....that he did not like...and still on going..after retiring for 5 years.
It cannot be somehow...our blessed protected against.. corrupted evil wrong doers...on and on...and now...a force so powerful..lead by Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit a Renaissance Man...the other..the ever fearless...tireless...true blue Malaysian...fighting for freedom and rights for all Malaysians....daringly exposing corruptions...for more than 40 years...with no fear.
Is that not a true blue Malaysian?
Yes...the DYNAMIC DUO will bring us hope and joy...all Malaysians have never experienced before.
2009 is getting Malaysians closer to that dream come true....but like all good is not easy to get it..with evil forces...keep dividing us.
Some are born natural evil..some are doing benefit themselves..some are sly to divide and hero worship his own matter how hard they try to disguise themselves. These are dangerous....mostly Malaysian Chinese.. racialist..most unreliable voters for change of government.
They are so selfish...become cowards ...with big mouths.
Never depend on this sincere friends or reliable voters.
Muslims seldom do a good job.. disguising easy to identify....and Indians are going all defend Malaysians.
The 12th election result...made an old man like me...shed a few tears.
2009....Year of the OX...umno will experience and see millions of oxen....patiently ploughing...peacefully working...with no fear...with greater disobediences to bulldoze umno.. out of the 13th general election.
So 2009 is a year..closer to all good things to come than 2008.
I wish all Malaysians... a happy and peaceful 2009.
To an old man like day alive and being healthy ..with enough money problem in this sick country.. is enough. UMNO..MCA..MIC and Gerakan.....are spoiling our country...not God.
My personal mission is to expose all Malaysian Chinese hypocrites without that young Malaysians.. learn something..about sly foxes in life.
May all supporters of these evil it active members...of a political party...or a downright racialists...WAKE UP!!..stand up ..and be accounted for...change...confess...and sincerely help... change the government...with one mind.. souls and body...not just lips services with an unreliable personality.

Justin Choo said...


You write more than a blogger!!

Happy New Year 2009 to you!

Will it get better? Some say deflation is coming. Jobs will be gone. Prices will come tumbling down. Still waiting for the price to fall. Hawker food , not tumbling. Add insult to injury, their prices keep on increasing!! And the coming Chinese New Year, another reason for them to increase prices again!!

I think I don't want to be a doctor anymore. Will be a hawker then!!


monsterball said...

What I mean is ...Malaysians are exoperierncing the worst in 2008.
What can be more worst?
Malaysians have learn from the Malaysian to make the best of it..when you are facing the worst.
Who cause all these..must not be forgotten...when real good days come by.
On hawkers food...they are not reducing the as to cover up the great loss by Dollah's sudden 78 sen oil increase.
The gradual piece by piece oil reduction..does not help so much. These hawkers suffered one knows.
But you can expect hawker food do not increase at reason to do before.
And when things are is difficult to reduce price back to previous time.
Also not true..hawker's food have not gone down.
Many have reduce little..but alot is also taking advantage of lousy government actually make more profit.
That is natural.
It can only come down with government putting out prices of all items... go out to check..hawkers toe the lines...or license cancelled.
They dare that good managing action will cause them to loose more votes.
Ours is a famous hypocritical corrupted government. Live with it...until next election.

monsterball said...

Happy New Year to one and all.

bow said...

2009 will be a year of low growth, high inflation, high crime, high unemployment with so many corrupt officials still around.

motherchell said...

The best for the New Year filled with joy and happiness Justin and to all who is reading this .
Take care guys!

Anonymous said...

God bless Malaysia in 2009, evil doers will be removed from power soon.

bow said...

I want to wish all my brothers and sisters a bless and prosperous New Year 2009! also everyone here including Justin.
Hope GOD continue to bless Malaysia with plenty and all Malaysians with peace.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you all for the unreserved patronage in this ghost town blog.

May all of you continue to have good health,peace and contentment. And a bonus, not money, but happiness!!


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