Friday, December 19, 2008

Instant fame : throw shoes at Bush.

Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the "shoes thrower"achieved instant fame worldwide for the "wrong reason"? There is now an entry for him in Wikipedia, amongst other information, it reports :

"A Saudi businessman has offered US$10 million to buy the shoes.
"The shoes should be exhibited in a museum as they resemble a rocket that talks on behalf of all Iraqis," read a posting on website of Arabian Business magazine.

You want to have instant fame and possibly become an instant millionaire? Go throw shoes at Bush, but must be before January 20, 2009.

(This post unashamedly inspired by Magick River, which I hereby acknowledge.)


bow said...

He deserve a medal of bravery from international journalism society for his courageous action and righteous statement, unfortunately he is not a good thrower and guilty of missing target.

Anonymous said...

Iraqis are generally mad at USA for toppling Saddam and not install an Islamic state for them, they do really care about democracy, liberty and equality, all these are not important in their life as far as allah is concerned, so bush is just getting the treatment he deserved for being an arrogant president.

Anonymous said...

Throwing a pair of shoes at a mass murderer who started a war in his country and allow his soldiers to commit so many rapes, and murders on Iraqi women and children is not the right way to speak out for all Iraqi, he can do better than that.

monsterball said...

Mahathir had tear gas sprayed at him AT HOME!!
That was the greatest insult M ever had...and in our court of law...all you need is justify or crucify...whichever pay more.
Yes...throwing a shoe to the greatest insult Iraq...and poor money to bribe long long jail sentence.
However....People's Power is very strong and Iraqis treat that man..a real brave hero.
He is.
Now lets see...what happen next.
If Iraq depends on US money aids...bad luck!
But Obama may be very delighted and may phone Iraq take it need so tough. A fine will do.
Out come a good Samaritan pay the he goes.
Next election...he is year marked to be a candidate by so many parties.
How's my prediction......Justin??
Why LiLi no meet me?
Talk is cheap.
Give me HP number...we can talk.
Cannot wait till February.
It's now or never...come drink with any subject.
She can bring her mother or sister or few girl friends....but no bodyguard.

bow said...

Bush has got Iraq's oil contract loyalty safely bag in his family oil business and other republicans owned refinery, doesn't matter what Obama do, he already screwed up so many young Americans life by sending them to hell in Iraq and mess up big time of USA economy until owing several trillion of dollars to foreign countries, right he just handed over to Obama another big price tag on Iraq reconstruction bill to pay, he deserve more than a pair of shoes actually.

monsterball said...

Hi no comment at Doc's obvious Gerakan blog..I also..keep quiet too.
Just look at his blog...with both of lively..all shooked up........hahahahahahahaha
Doc Hsu come here....and joke with us..or else..less visits to his blog.
He resign from Gerakan...I will keep him busy...with useful chores...maybe he become Rev.Ratana adviser?
Hi Justin.Rev. Ratana is very rich la. Just got RM100K from Govt.
That guy..really great social worker!!
Doc may like it .I visit monsterball is a real monster to him......making him work overtime...deleting more junk mails that usual.
Your blog..not many junk mails...because..not popular la..except by one or two need to control..correct..correct .correct??
Have a nice weekend to you...and all your visitors.

monsterball said...

Bush should be tried as a war criminal and jailed for life!
American can show their displeasures..not enough.
They must forced their show..they sincerely respect other human beings..truthfully and sincerely....not play acting all the time.
Otherwise...freedom fighters will still make of their devils.
Do you blame them?
Many Muslims said...this is not the Islamic ways.
Soooo is corruptions and stealing from innocent Islamic way?
When come to is the Christians and Muslims politicians....that are real greedy devils.

bow said...

Justin, looking at bodohland picture of those bungalows collapsing like domino is quite disturbing, wondering from where Malaysia engineer learn how to build houses with devil skill ? Will rich Malaysian ever learn from the history in this country where sub standard houses got approval are common?

monsterball said...

God does work in a mysterious ways.
Although the shoe missed Bushy...I hope he did inhale some of the dusts and some find a small wound and get into his body.
No jailing for diseases will ....make him suffer like hell..kill him off... sooner or later.!
That's it...LiLi will not meet such a terrible heartless man.

Justin Choo said...


You have added a picture. Is that you? Are you really such a young man? And smoking? You will make Monsterball very jealous!!

Did you read my comments about your complaints in Might of the Pen?

Justin Choo said...

Hi everyone,

Just log in to-day (night?).

Had been busy.

Monsterball, Don't expect Li Li to respond so fast. Maybe she is now busy helping some lost souls. Please don't distract her good work.

bow said...

Hello! Justin, i do not read about your comment in SJS, not interested in blog preach one thing but practice otherwise, so did not read their blog lately, by the way, the blog is clustered with words and hard to read, does not look appearing to me compare to your blog. At least your blog has well written article i can understand, not a political blog like might of pen.

monsterball said...

Everyone is a lost way or another.
You mean LiLi is another... Florence Nightingale besides her flower business?
How do you know? Got crystal ball curi curi see see??
Nope! She is reading and maybe moody...raining season...not enough flowers and most customers go cuti cuti with family business not so good la.
Actually....this is best time to meet for teh tarik...are you jealous?
Maybe she smell red eye baby cry......wawawawawawa feelings......hahahahaha

monsterball said...

I love gardening.
I used to switched on my spot 5am to cut dead leaves and flowers fro my creepers.
The never ending yellow flowers...brightens my house and cut dead leaves...see all GREEN...means money come la......hahahahahaha
You know..."green" or "bucks" means money by American slangs.
I sometimes think.."Starbucks" coffee house derives from a coffee suppliers to movie stars...made it big...and started the "Starbucks" for movie stars to continue..their tet-a-tet..gossips or quarrel in refine ways. 'Bucks'.. ofcourse means....the movie stars made him lots of him.!!!!

monsterball said...

On gardening...I do all indoors and wait till 7am...bright enough...switched off spot lights...and start at least 1 hour outside.
So inside ..out to bottom...all no yellow leaves and dead sit and drink tea or coffee with my cigars.
Usually I take three cigars....and when all smoked off..3 hours gardening done.
In the evening...I also do light gardening..playing with my 5 pugs outside....for two hours.
I had one maid to do that...for few all gone.....leaving me and my soul maid.
Both of us are getting healthier...but difficult to travel overseas or overnight anywhere..without one maid at home...and I hate to bother my children. Each have enough of their problems.
Nowadays...not cheap to employ ....even an Indonesian maid.
I have estimated .it cost not less than RM1200 per month...all in..inspite of RM520 salary.
I am still looking for one......sooner or free myself...go traveling.
So stop smoking cigars...take up pipe smoking....kow tim.
But saying is easy...doing is hard la.

Li Li said...

Hi Monsterball,

Yes, I have been browsing.

A bit no mood to reply on the internet. Lots of things to do. Even Sunday morning, because a small number of my customers are in Terengganu and they called this morning.

I am not a florist. But I love flowers & nature. I don't have green fingers. All the chilli plants & "periuk kera" plant died when I planted it. My mom is totally opposite, after she took over my semi-dead plants, they plants are now healthy and got lots of pitcher sacks coming out.

My full time job is selling chemicals to factories and palm oil mills. Mostly, the holidays will be maintenance shut down time and busy time for urgent deliveries for me.

One of my customer suffered the sudden closure of plant. I just got the news yesterday & it will effect my sales for next year. Yes, the one close down is WD Kuching. Bad news is the stock for this customer just arrived two weeks ago and the planning is for 1st quarter March 2009. I am stressed.

Earlier you mentioned something about the departure of love ones. Well, it is a deep grief experience if our chil go earlier than us. Well, it happened to me 6 years ago. My 1st baby passed away after staying alive for 49 days in Nov & Dec 2002. It has been 6 years but I have to accept that grief is deep pain for a long period of time. It is different from depression.

My daughter's death have slowed me down. I used to be the no-nonsense, work from 7am to 8pm daily type of worker. After the experience in year 2002, I realised no matter how much money I saved, one life threatening issue and my total life saving will be wiped out.

That's why I slow down, enjoy some short holidays and spend some time with volunteer service.

But my office work keeps piling up. Sigh.....

Definately, we can have a coffee break but not until after Chinese New Year.... I hope you understand....

Justin Choo said...


Gardening is a very good hobby. I will be doing a lot of gardening once I move to my new house. I love bougainvillea, easy to take care.

bow said...

Managed to add my picture into my open ID profile, it took a long time for me to figure that out in the blog, because i'm a newbie among netizen, hope you don't mind i am smoking in your blog.

Justin,is there such thing as "true" and "false" Malaysian, what category are you in if that's one ? BN Government has "bumi" and "Non-bumi" classification to divide us,never think more division is needed!

monsterball said...

LiLi....Great to do treat me like a friend with your reply.
I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's death.
Yes..all the money in the world means nothing to loose a priceless love and joy of our lives.
If I had been not alert...decisive...some of my children may not bee around too.
I am have moved on with your life....and hope you have many more lovely near future.
So you deal with chemicals.
My dear friend....the late..Liew Chang Lan....Jaycee ex President..sell chemical..working for a famous..German company... till the day he died..concentrating on India .
A truly brilliant man who laugh away...unavoidable dying disease.
Yes.....LiLi ..will be nice to meet you and your day.
Take care ..and may you be well and good.

Justin Choo said...


So you are such a young man but very knowledgeable.

True or false Malaysian? You have to ask "A True Malaysian" our blogger friend!!

To me you are either a Malaysian citizen or not.

bow said...

Right on, Justin! Great mind think alike.

We are just a small country that hardly can afford to be divided by politicians and practice apartheid system in this globalized world, if umno and others insist on that, our country will go down much sooner rather than later.

monsterball said...

Great minds think alike???????


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