Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Air Asia, Watch Out!

Kerala Airways......."Now, Go Away!!

Welcome on board! I am your Chief Steward.
The Captain, as you can see,
is now entering the cockpit!

Prepare for take-off!
Hold on to arm rests!
No shaking legs!

After finishing, wipe your fingers with the table cloth.
Warning : No spitting!! Or you lick it up!!

At your service.
So long as you don't call!

You've landed.
"Now, Go Away!!"

If you still want to fly with us,
don't complain!

"Now, Go Away!!" The Kerala Airways!!


A true Malaysian said...


Are these photos real?

Justin Choo said...

True Malaysian,

I googled kerala airways but found nothing to substantiate the authenticity.

Just using my common sense, I think the layout will definitely not be able to go pass the IATA safety standards!!

Justin Choo said...

True Malaysian,

Technically the photos may be real on the ground. They are real photos in unreal settings !!


monsterball said...

Justin is happy to be in unreal situations...as the real one sucks.

bowee said...

The airline name has changed to "air catering line" recently. The motto is " eat and relax in the air " at lowest price.


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