Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pressing the right buttons

The Malaysian Insider reports that Obama has 20 Harvard classmates to help chart his Presidential strategies.

It is reported that the Harvard relationships started two decades back, forged during a popular constitutional law class, at the financial aid counter in Pound Hall, in a buddy's kitchen during a dinner party, through long nights at the Harvard Law Review.

As distance separated them, Obama was the one who tried to keep in touch — penning personal letters in the days before e-mail, picking up the phone to congratulate a friend on the birth of a child.


Especially in this day and age, no matter how brilliant a person can be, he will not be able to do the job alone with any measure of success. This brings to the fore the hallmark of a great leader. As I wrote before the three most important factors that set a great leader from the average person : Charisma, Intellect, and Integrity.

I remember, it was a long time ago when my lecturer told us a story about Henry Ford. It was during a court hearing that the judge asked Ford how he could be so knowledgeable. Henry Ford told the judge that it was not necessary to use his head all the time; but using his fingers most of the time. As and when he required any information, all he needed to do was just to press the right button to summon his advisers!

I wonder whether our politicians have the courage to admit their limitations and to press the right buttons?

What do you think?


monsterball said...

All the UMNO government knows is keep pressing the brainwash accept their king of government.
In the spare time...they press international costly breasts for pleasures.
Having used up all the god forbidden stolen money....they press for more.
Where can these...munafiques{hypocrites} ever learn to press the right buttons.
ISA is against God's law..yet they keep using it...saying it is a preventive law...they are using.
You go listen to all their reasonings...Malaysians are all pressed for get rid of them the next election.
That's the most pressing responsibility that Malaysians.. are waiting patiently ...the next election.

bowee said...

"charisma, Intellect and Integrity" are too often lacking in Malaysian politicians especially in united monkey national organization. All these qualities are against their religion belief system and regarded as qualities possess only among the "infidel" from the west. Even the benefit of English education can be played into a racial issue and blame for causing national disunity !

The leadership is not willing to press the right button fearing that will benefit majority of Malaysians at the expense of a selected few master race.

A true Malaysian said...


In the absence of meritocracy, whatever buttons that they press, will be wrong buttons.

In the end, they don't know which button to press,...


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