Friday, December 12, 2008

Where is hell?

A $50 million note introduced earlier in
December has failed to clear long lines for cash.

CNN reports that Zimbabwe has introduced a $500 million bank note!! Another world record for Zimbabwe. I don't think Bolehland can beat this.

You can be a trillionaire in Zimbabwe; click HERE.

The $500 million note is worth about 8 U.S. dollars and enough to buy just eight loaves of bread.

Zimbabwe is now under threat. A cholera outbreak has killed 800 Zimbabweans. Government hospitals are closing; and health personnel demanding salary review. Even soldiers are protesting.

In addition, 5 million people are in need of food aid, the United Nations says, in a nation that once exported food to its neighbours.

People are fleeing the country. But where to??

(The man behind all these: HERE)


bow said...

This African country is having a 1,000,000 % of inflation where no other country can ever reach, after seizing all the white minority owned farm land,his race politic take a heavy toll on economy, many fleeced the country,but him steadfast to his racist policy and switch into "denial" mode, no cholera, no poverty,everything is well within the country, as he declared to the world, blaming the west especially USA for all these faulty allegations in order to topple him. But he has a loyal supporter from Malaysia name Dr.M who constantly praise him as one of a greatest leader for developing country.

romerz said...

A real despot this friend of Dr M's with his Hitler like toothbrush moustache is.

If you right about the soldiers protesting, then it is a matter of time before a coup de'tat.

Somehow, I don't think so which is unfortunate for ordinary Zimbabweans. I think the army is still solidly behind him.

monsterball said...

This African Mahathir's Afrikan best friend.
He even recommended him to live in Malaysia..if his wants.....yet no recommendation for another best friend...Thai ex PM!!
Zimbabwe is a sick sick corrupted comments from Mahathir.
When is he going to reveal the list of UMNO corrupted lot..he promised?
Ah...well..that old fut...have no principles in life.

Anonymous said...

Well,Justin, be ready to see more death out of Zimbabwe in week and month ahead since Mugabe has denied there is any disease outbreak in the country and his state of economy is strong. All these inflation figure and epidemic are just a "racist" plot from UK and USA.

Evil man come in all sharp and color as the saying go.

Justin Choo said...

The old goat will be emigrating to another country should Anwar be the prime minister. Or is it fleeing.

The best place will be Zimbabwe, where he will become an "infinitiaire" meaning trillionaire unlimited. He has got to built a store room as big as a football field to keep all the cash!!

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

It is weird that this African country's leader could be so heartless.

So much sufferings for his own people and he seems to be ignorant about it !

Do you believe there is hell in the next life ? Or is this African country leader going to be re-born as what item next ?

Justin Choo said...


You may not believe this. Just a few hours ago I was thinking to email you to ask how are you. I am still going thru cyberspace, and after this I will be emailing you. And now you are here!!

Good to hear from you again. I suppose all IS well.

As for your question, if you seriously want to know my opinion in a Buddhist perspective, then go to my other blog, and better still still ask me thru the "Allexperts" site.

Justin Choo said...


Humans are such creatures. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Prolonged absolute power, prolongs the absolute corruption. If I am put in this situation, I will also mutate in time to be a monster!

Don't have to look at Zimbabwe, look at this country. All the signs are there in the present incumbents.

Moral of the story: Never give a human absolute power. In this respect the American constitution is a gem!

dr hsu said...

Qin Shi Huang killed scholars and burned all the books so that people became ignorant and just worshipped him as the son of the Heaven. Shortly after his death, his empire was overthrown, the shortest dynasty in the history of China.

Dictators would not last wrong. There is a supreme law in this universe ( and other univerve as well).

That is the law of Karma. what you plant today, you get it later. There is no escaping.

If there is no action yet, it just means that the time has not yet arrive....

Am I correct, Justin, our very wise but humble friend?

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

You are correct.

But why you are so stubborn not to leave Gerakan. Your prompt action will send an avalanche of others following you. You are the only big boulder blocking this avalanche. Get moving, Doctor.

The marvel of blogging... I get to say what I like in my blog!


What is happening to Monsterball?? Falling asleep again while smoking his Cheroot??

Li Li said...

I try not to shift into politics views... ha, ha, ha...

But I have to agree that two party(sharing of power) is definately better than an absolute power crazy dictator !

I have settled a couple of things last week & I felt much better this coming week..... Sigh...

As some of you might know, I am spending 5% of my time doing community volunteer work. Very very low profile. I was very worried last few weeks bcos we had a single unmarried mother who was pregnant & the baby had a rare birth defect. The intestine was growing outside of the baby stomach. As expected, she went into premature labour & gave birth on 26th Nov 2008. The baby was in ICU & was discharged yesterday. The delivery cost at HKL is only RM70 and the total baby ICU cost is on RM93. We also have settled the birth registrations without any problem. The biological father's name was not allowed in the birth cert.

I also sent three people for a bone check up on wednesday, 10th Dec 2008. The bone specialist at Klang General Hospital have advised a knee operation on the 78 yr old lady and a MRI scan for the other patient. Have to be in queue for MRI next month and cost about RM200. The last one was advised not to do any operation.

So, I have been pretty busy but very happy after I settled all the above. There are lots more to be done. We are looking for English & Maths free tutors for primary school poor students. That is for Jan 2009 to Dec 2009 project. Taman Puchong Indah free tuition programme.

Reading your blog has been very enjoyable and stress free for me. Keep it up.

Monsterball, I also like your direct and bold and controversial comments... ha, ha, ha....

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

"As some of you might know, I am spending 5% of my time doing community volunteer work."

You have a typing error above.
It should read as:
"As some of you might know, I am spending 5% of my time for myself, while the rest doing community volunteer work."

I salute you. Keep it up.
I hope the good doctor would take note.

Li Li said...

Hai ya Justin,

You are shifting to politics again...

I think we should leave Dr Hsu as neutral as possible....

Remember, always remember 13th May 1969.....

We should all unite and be very neutral. Buddhism & Gandhi ideology are low temper and smart move. We should never be tempted to be provoked.

monsterball said...

Sometimes....just to read is nice.....especially with Doc and LiLi...totally opposite characters...keep you busy.
Now..that this site is quiet...I can say...Doc ...sometimes sucks!!!
He can be delightfully sarcastic!!

A true Malaysian said...

Sometime I wonder if there is anything wrong with my karma, for landing myself in Malaysia. Why not in USA, Australia or New Zealand?

Maybe Dr. Hsu's perspective is right, "what you plant today, you get it later. There is no escaping."

Hopefully Malaysia is not where the hell is. But, if Malaysia a heaven in future, that definitely is a plus point for "what we plant today".

Li Li said...

Dear True Malaysian,

I had the same thoughts about karma when I was in Form 5 many years ago.

"Why are most of my school friends leaving for NUS and I am left behind ?".... Alot of the good lookings guys I knew got Asean scholarships and off they disappear after STPM...

Then again about 3 years ago, alot of my university friends got jobs in Canada, USA, Beijing, Perth etc and again another batch disappear.

Life goes on ....


If I analyse properly, there are political turmoil everywhere. I just came back from a sales meeting in Spain & I transit for two days in Rome (mid nov 08). Look at what is happening in Europe now. I would have been stuck either in Rome or Madrid if my sales meeting was postponed to this week !

Very scary for me.

Most of us still have our jobs, a nice home, enough money for some teh tarik.....etc

We just hope & pray that we will have a less corrupt government, ha, ha, ha.... :-)

Li Li said...

"Where is hell in Malaysia ?"

Where got hell ? Everyone is still enjoying themselves.... shopping.

Just don't hit the bee hive & stay cool.....

Anyone who try to provoke any sensitive issue, we should all boycott and stay at home....

Li Li said...

Oops... I re-read again my postings & I better explain.

I was trying to say that people move around due to education opportunities (Singapore scholarship cases) & good job opportunities - migrating at 30yrs ++ age group.

It is sad & silly of our government to spend money to bring in foreigh experts when we could save money if we retain our good students here.

And we all know that high percentage of good students are not given the correct courses in the local U. That happened in the '80's.

Justin Choo said...


(You've broken the record of the number of comments at one go!!
Congratulations!! But no prize.)

It is precisely with all the problems created by the present regime that we must make sure that they be kicked out. Please ensure that you tell all your friends to do the right thing come elections.

bow said...

Those suffering souls in Zimbabwe are mainly children and infants,can not imagine how many has to die before their president and ministers will admit the country is facing a health crises, without them acknowledging the problem first, no amount of international help is going to make any difference, sometime leaders do believed just by staying in denial mode, problem will go away themselves,it is very much the symptom of majority of developing nations in our world today, sigh!!!!

A true Malaysian said...

Dear Li Li,

It is nice to get to know someone like you in this great blog of Justin. We may not have the same view or opinion all the time, but we balance up our own view after reading others comments.

Never mind we are still in Malaysia as we regard it as our homeland. Whatever we plant today will be enjoyed later by our offspring. Just start to do 'planting' by getting rid of the 'root cause' as what Justin said, and we will see the fruit of our karma.

For those who left Malaysia for good, I hope them all the best. Don't forget we are living in a interdependence world, if they do good, we do good as well. Maybe Justin can buy cheaper eggs next time, hahaha.

Poor him, next time I will belanja him eggs when we meet in person.

novice101 said...

Justin, Mugabe has done all this to his people and it looks like he is the only one who is oblivious to the sufferings and pains he has inflicted on them. How can a man be so cruel.

My plea to him:

Justin Choo said...



Your plea will have no effect. This evil man is blind, deaf and dumb.

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

Thanks for the eggs. But you should boycott like me. I still can afford to buy the eggs, but I'm boycotting.

A true Malaysian said...


I can do without egg, but my family can't. What I can do is to buy less, eat less egg.


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