Monday, December 8, 2008

Crude Oil US$43.89

Crude Oil Price Chart

Right now at 11.25 pm local time, Monday 8 Dec, the price of crude oil is at US$43.89 !!

The hawkers are not making any noise. The shop delivering gas cylinders is still illegally charging me 2o sen extra to cover petrol price increases!!

Please let me know if you come across anyone reducing prices. Yes I know of banks reducing FD interest rates! Did you notice KFC chicken nuggets are also reduced in size? What else?

Have a nice day!!


monsterball said...

Stop complaining...and start planning to vote UMNO out.
When you have a greedy ....corrupted and racialist government..with no management at all...but a big talk cock and bull...what do you expect?
UMNO is so quick to cover up...their making public to pay more.
So hawkers and business people are taking the advantage to make more cover past sudden losses... knowing our shit government...made them loose like hell .....with a sudden 78 sen oil increase...and up to now...the reduction should be more than given piece by piece...totally not more than 55 sen. UMNO is again making huge huge profits....and all we need is to wait mega projects worth billions....ignoring all those hill side tragedies....blaming developers..not once blame the government approving it....with obvious corruptions...have a hand in it.
One smart UMNO spokesman said...this is unavoidable...throughout the world.
What he is really saying..all hill side residences have 20 years short lives...where their houses will bury all of them alive.
No need to buy free hold or lease hold houses.
Just live in and pray to all the Gods...5 times a day.

bow said...

All these corrupt master race dream of using their stolen money to live like a king on hilltop bungalow are enjoying their paradise lifestyle in Malaysia now, hahaha.....

Justin, those control the resources and corporation are not that compassion to lower prices to benefit poor Malaysians, you just have to keep dreaming in Malaysia under BN rule.

Anonymous said...

DPM just told us that when he is in PM office, he will not allow private developers to force government officials approve their projects. I realize now property developers are so powerful in Malaysia. What's him talking about?

bow said...

When you have all these half past six engineers graduated from Mara, UTM , UKM etc, in charged of housing agency and projects, anything less than a crumble pile of structure over time should be a great concern for all, so what you are seeing is indeed nothing to alarm about in Malaysia.


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