Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thailand's New Prime Minister

Picture from Mysinchew.com

Abhisit Vejjajiva is 44 years old with an Oxford education. On December 15, 2008 he became Thailand's new prime minister, after a bout of civil unrest.

Abhisit is the head of the former opposition Democrat Party.

Below is from Mysinchew.com:

["Abhisit is untested and that is both good and bad. He has a clean record. He is well-educated, eloquent and principled so the public will likely give him a chance," says Panithan Wattanayagorn, a political scientist at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.]

Abhisit entered politics at a youthful age of 27, which means he has 17 years behind him as a politician. He is from a wealthy family of Thai-Chinese origin, born in England and educated at Eton and Oxford, where he graduated with first class honours in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. His parents are said to be medical professors. His first name means "privilege" in Thai and his friends call him by his foreign nickname, Mark.

Thailand now gets a fresh look in its political landscape. Abhisit is said to be clean, polite and articulate. He certainly looks dashing and can easily pass as a film star!

Let's hope the Thais stop changing Prime Ministers like changing clothes!

Hope all will be well for our northern neighbour.


monsterball said...

Right now....still protect going on.
Only the King can cool everyone and he so old and sickly.
When the King is gone....Thailand will have a real bad revolution...as the King's son..is not a favourite .....like the father.
From a welknown playboy...he has toned down. Everyone love the sister..who is a spinster and behave like a Nun.
She is focusing on environment....saving elephants...her pet subject.
Yes...Thailand is such a corrupted country...with military rule......most of the time...half populations Thais are fed up....and half want it...as it is.
Thai???...big big problem.

monsterball said...

I think in the whole world....only the Thai King commands the respect of all Thais.
I used to say..UMNO had the opportunity for 50 years...but they choose to divide races and so corrupted..greedy for money.....never ever enough.
Thai King....spent all his life...in agriculture and bringing his people up to world standards in agricultural products.
He has been to every village in Thailand...and gave up all his properties to the people.
Such is a rare great loving King.

bow said...

Seeing our neighbor behave like a butch of lawless gangster who constantly defy rule of their nation's law is disappointing, they are given the right to elect own leader and PM, but some do not abide by the result, so keep causing troubles in the country, giving tourists n investors hard times, thinking USA supports means they can do whatever they want, wait till muslims terrorism from south spread all over their country, then they will wake up to reality instead of fighting like crazy among themselves.

Justin Choo said...


That's people's power. Do we have it here?

Justin Choo said...

Monsterball & Bow,

I hope this young and dashing PM can provide a fresh outlook to Thai politics. Hope all the beautiful Thai girls support him!!! And all the Thai mothers and grandmothers adore him too!!!


bow said...

Justin, there is hardly people power in Thailand, after Thanskin was removed, military take over, appoint PM at will without election, so both sides continue fighting using violence instead of ballots, it is such a shameful event to all the Thai and the teaching of Buddhism; where violence is strictly forbidden among the followers. Thai military is responsible for all these chaotic situation after they failed to hold nation wide election as promised, their muslim general is a big liar who orchestrated the coup.

Anonymous said...

We only have a handful of states that respect people power in Malaysia.

Looking at the CAT political slogan in Penang already draw many Gerakan and MCA members into opposing camp, they just hate to see nepotism, political patronage and corruption gone from that state so it will remain at par with other umno's states, can not wait to level criticism on LGE on his governance.

bow said...

If Thai do not get their acts together soon enough, islamist terrorists from the south will seize the opportunity and start bombing Bangkok and major city like India's terrorist attack, then it will be too late for them, whoever is the PM will make no difference to Thai since many of them will be dead.

Justin Choo said...


I don't know much about Thai politics.

Looks like you are more aware of the developments there.

bow said...

Justin , i 'm quite aware of our northern neighbor current affair through news media, but is not an expert of their politic or know any more than you.

Thai are people of gentle soul and trusting, but if the political situation in their country continue to deteriorate at present rate, majority of Thai will suffer from economy downturn and possibly unrest of their south spreading further. Hope they get to see a bigger picture ahead and get to resolve their differences quickly for their country sake.


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