Thursday, December 18, 2008

MP Liew : Talk On Parliament Sittings

(YB Liew Chin Tong)

This is a copy and paste from my blogger friend Romerz from his blog The Middle Ground with his kind permission:

[The MP for Bukit Bendera (my constituency) from DAP YB Liew Chin Tong, will be holding a talk this Saturday to brief anyone interested to know, what happened in parliament during this ongoing sitting (which has been extended) which started in mid-August.

In his own words, the purpose for this briefing is;

"Few in Malaysia know what actually happens in Parliament apart from snippets from the press. MPs sit in Parliament for hours, often frustratingly. But voters, even those who are informed on other matters, may not have a clue of how it works. It is probably "part of the design" of the Barisan Nasional government to neglect the importance of the House in national governance."

"This is an initiative by Liew Chin Tong, DAP MP for Bukit Bendera, to share with participants his take on what had happened
in Parliament during its latest sitting which started in mid-August and ending on 18 December 2008."

"Issues like Pak Lah's reform bills on corruption and judicial appointments, education expenditure, extravagant wastage on Prime Minister's residence, parliamentary reforms and the economy will be discussed by the speaker."

2.00pm to 3.30pm, 20 December 2008;

DAP Bukit Bendera Parliamentary Constituency Office;
396A, 1st Floor, Wayton Court, Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Pinang;
(next to Jalan Gottlieb and Jalan Burma/Jalan Mt Erskine traffic lights);

Tel no.: 04-2285298

All are welcome and the briefing will be conducted in English/Mandarin]


Incidentally I knew YB Liew Chin Tong about 20 years ago when he was just a botak boy living in Subang Jaya. It was a very interesting incident when one evening I met this very observant and alert boy. His mannerism and enthusiasm in things etched a permanent slot in my memory. Up to this day, I still remember every detail of that fateful chance meeting.

And what a fateful meeting it was, and we meet again on homeground, Bukit Bendera,.....Rifle Range, Air Itam, to be exact!

By the way YB Liew is a political analyst and is also one of the columnists for The Malaysian Insider.

I wish him well!!


Anonymous said...

I do hope PR's MP can come out with some sorts of labor bill to make our wages comparable to cost of living increase yearly here in Malaysia soon, if not, many of us will be working "poor" and can hardly sustain in this high inflation environment.

Just look at California, even though average pay is quite good, but everything is expensive, and tax is high, so there are many "working poor" even though they are making 15 dollars an hour, it is my hope that MP can debate issues affecting us daily in Parliament constructively rather than just wasting their times without finding any solution to solve our problems in Malaysia.

monsterball said...

Which part of Subang Jaya were you staying?
I have lived in USJ..Subang Jaya...since 1991 and work at Subang...since 1981!!
Never seen you in my life!

Li Li said...


What a surprise ! You are staying in USJ all this time ? Very very near to Puchong.

I will ask you out for teh tarik one of these days :-)

Justin Choo said...


Jln ss14/3c, the corner house.

Sold a long ago!

Justin Choo said...


Can you tolerate the smell of cigar??

monsterball said...

Lili....You are most welcome!
Love to meet you at Summit Shopping Complex...Starbucks Coffee house..any weekend...late afternoon.
You may not believe it...I do not know how to go to Puchiong...even just 10 minutes drive.
I am so used to be driven no driver...only know few places...I frequently go to.
hi Justin...I am living in a corner terrace house with 300 sq ft garden.
My office is at SS15/4....since 1981.
I sold my shop corner shop house two years....and is renting from the new owner..a real nice humble multi millionaire.
I have 4 rooms....3 bathrooms....just nice.
But I intend to sell the one who will rent it back to me...for 5 years.
Waiting for good offer.
You think Doc will be interested?
After goes off...bring nothing to the after sell everything...and live simple...carefree..owe no best.
Sell house....plenty of cigars to smoke........hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

Justin sound jealous!

monsterball said...

I mean 3000 sq ft of land...not 300 la

monsterball said...

At first my maids cannot tolerate my cigar smell.
After awhile...the say....nice smell.
And Doc...non smoker..smelled it for three problem.
You and Romerz also tolerated.
But if LiLi cannot tolerate...I will puff the smoke away from her!

Justin Choo said...


I wish all your cigars turn to ashes after seeing Lili!!!


And from then on, each cigar will just disappear from your fingers before you can light it!!!

That will ensure you live for 288 years!!

monsterball said...

You sure sound very jealous!
Lili will surely meet day.
Live to 288 years?...are you nuts???
You mean 288 days more...that sound logical....but too early to go.
I will tahan..till my youngest daughter can stand on her own two feet. She is going to be to 17...and to Form year. headaches starts again. That's why....I want to sell my house.
Life is way!! enjoyment for me ...right least 10 per day..each least half hour pleasure....hahahahahaha
Last time half hour pleasure with 10 times on going sex...hahahahaha
Some die with their boots on.
I will die LAUGHING!!!

Li Li said...

This conversation is hilarious !

Why live up to 288 years old ? Sounds like sufferings....

I have never met anyone who smokes a cigar before. RPK also smoke cigars.(From one of his photo).

My Japanese colleagues, (current job) and my previous equipment sales colleagues in year 1996, smokes like a chimney. I will not stop anyone from smoking or drinking. Perhaps, it is just a way for the guys to de-stress.

The next landmark in Puchong is IOI Mall, shopping complex. Monsterball, you really serious, you can't drive from Subang Jaya to IOI Mall ? We are just next door !

Last year, I check out the price for semi-D, near the Taylor's college. Very old house but big compound & the owner ask for RM750K. Wah, the old houses there are too expensive. I cannot afford.

Coffee Break, when Justin is also in Subang Jaya next round, we can have coffee at Subang Parade. There is Starbuck Coffee there.

romerz said...

monsterball, I didn't have to tolerate the cigar smoke. I love a good cigar once in a while with an accompanying glass of wine.

Let me tell you guys a joke.

A lot of Asians are put off with a woman/girl smoking cigars. Not me (and I better qualify this with saying before i got married anyway).

I like a woman/girl who smokes cigars! Why? They are used to putting things in their mouth.


monsterball said...

Yes Lili....there is a Starbucks at Subang Parade...but no smoking area!!
But there is a "Coffee & Donut"...ground floor and next is a mamak stall...selling tek tarik!!
And there is smoking area.
If you wait until Justin comes to may as well wait till my last day on Earth.
How about...a drive to Penang.
Are you game? Do you have any relations there?

monsterball said...

Romerz...Yes..I did tell me you smoke a cigar occasionally.
I guess you love to have women smoking cigars. too!!
But one may not smoke...that's OK..I am a good salesman and confident can teach that to smoke..puff and huff.....and blow my brains out...I mean breath away!!
Justin is smokin! hot!!

monsterball said...

LiLi...I do not know the details of the big etc etc etc.
But Semi-D around my area are going off...not less than a RM1 million.
So that RM75Ok sounds cheap!
Again .is it free hold? I am sure is.
My corner terrace house is with very large extra land..some 3000 sq ft..and built in...also same amount of space.
Some so call Semi D in Subang is even smaller than my terrace house!

monsterball said...

Justin is hinting....I will be hypnotised by LiLi..not to smoke cigars anymore.
Seeing here...mouth water liou to smoke cigars??
If that happens..I will smoke a pipe..not because of the power of anyone..over me...I am too old for that...but purely to cut cost and balance budget.

Justin Choo said...


You don't know the way to your neighbourhood IOI mall, and you dare say:
"How about...a drive to Penang."

You must be getting old!!

Li Li said...

I will be in Penang on the first week of Feb 2009. I have a colleague from UK coming for work + holiday. They will be staying near the Ferringhi Beach.

Most of my customers are in Perai Industrial area, Kawasan MIEL.

There is a Coffee Bean near AutoCity. I need to check with all my customers on the appointment dates. Now is too early to set any schedule. Everyone is on Christmas mood. But I am busy with delivery schedules for plant maintenance for this Christmas short holidays.

And I drive from Puchong to up North. Only a straight road - lah. Via the highway.

Definately, Monsterball can easily drive from Subang Jaya to Penang :-)

monsterball said...

hi Justin....Drive to Penang is as easy as ABC.
Drive to go and try.
But once in Panang....driving in the city is HELL!!!
So I go by train...or air or someone drive me there.
LiLi...Feb is a long way off.
Give exact date...I am tempted to go and give my long lost brother a hug.
Go blood test..found out....not relationship at all..fine him for a good dinner!
Got any Gerakan meeting in Penang ..during Feb??

monsterball said...

Lili....You are a florist...selling bunga?

monsterball said...

Doc must be deleting alot of junk mails..since I start commenting at his blog again.
Poor fella!!


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