Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas



A true Malaysian said...

~★★   ★★~
★  ∴ ★   ∴°★
★        °★
★° ° Merry X'mas  °★
 ★' ‧ °∴°°☆☆★        °☆☆
  ★ °∴°°☆°∴★ °☆∴聖°∴ ☆
   ★ °∴°°☆★∴°∴ °誕°∴ °☆
    ★°∴★☆∴°∴ 快∴ °☆
     ★  ☆∴ 樂°∴°☆
      ﹨  ☆   ☆
       ﹨   ☆
        ﹨ /

romerz said...

Merry Christmas Justin and all your readers, monsterball included. :-)

monsterball, by the way, I'm about off to bed but just wanted to let you know that I had a great bbq dinner with my family and now finishing off the bottle of wine and stubbing out the last inch of the cigar.

Good night and merry Christmas again.

monsterball said...

Merry Christmas Romerz.
Enjoy yourself.

bow said...

Very creative greeting message, true Malaysian. Holy , holy..... Christmas to you too.!!!!

A true Malaysian said...

Thanks bow. You too. Always be happy and healthy.

Nice to meet you here in Justin's blog. If free, chip in some ideas in Dr. Hsu's Forum. You will get to know more happenings there.


A true Malaysian said...


To me, internet is the most wonderful invention mankind can ever have.

If it was available during Buddha's time, how nice.

You get what I meant?

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

I agree totally. Without the internet, we would not have met. And life will be very lonely and miserable for me.

I have said this before; internet suits me perfectly. I am not a sociable person, with few words. But when it comes to writing it's ok.

bow said...

Internet really make our world seem a lot smaller now. I get to see other countries landscape, affairs , people much easier than before, it also facilitated human interaction and communication , exchange of idea and knowledge can be done quickly, it is a marvelous invention originally from USA defense department.

Will try to do that , true Malaysian,even though i'm not very keen of political blog, as i think they are quite boring to read.

monsterball said...

Writing tells what kind of person you are.
Some have seen and know so to keep to allowing great pretenders to creep into their lives.
All I know...internet gave Malaysians hope to be a united country.with those sitting on the their own hypocritical lives....which is the root cause of many that have no principles in life.
They love to succeed by present way of life..who they know...and not what they know.
So be nice guys...swing where the wind blows...apply agree to politics..not to offend their possible good luck to know their chosen Lords...UMNO or BN high profile swing some business to them.
The Malaysian Chinese is the master of this art.
They are most cunning and cannot be accepted as true friends at all.
I have said all the details at Lim Kit Siang's need to repeat here.
And I am sure...Justin know me well by now.

Justin Choo said...

What a country becomes will depend on 100% of the calibre of its leaders. This is my opinion based on observation of past and present political advances/upheavals in different countries around the world.

You don't need to be very clever to observe the trends. Take the extreme cases and you see picture. Evil leaders will lead the country astray, people will suffer, both its citizens and its neighbours. The more evil the leader is, and the more charismatic he is, the dire consequences it will become. One good example...Hitler.

Now this one many will disagree with me. It is not politically expedient right now to agree with me, but times are a changing. What is it? A great leader with a clear vision and mission, full commitment, fearless pursuit towards the end, and an inborn Charisma with great leadership skill, ability to command the respect and awe of millions of followers....this great person is one in a billion, ...with this great leader the country will be blessed and saved from downfall. Who can this person be? Mao Zedong. For those who disagree with me, can start shooting, but since this is my blog, I have a certain degree of control. However I shall not respond to any debate. as I said it is not time yet to be politically correct to cite Mao. No politician in Malaysia in his right mind will dare say that Mao is his hero, even if it is true. It will be political suicide!!

As for me, a nobody can say anything, even on health like "the pineapple" and my other healthy lifestyle posts.

Come to think of it, it's freedom not being a politician or a doctor.

Actually "sour grapes". You know this story of the "sour grapes"?

Justin Choo said...

Sorry, got carried away.

What I wanted to say is actually this.

Type of "Leadership" is the only criterion for what a country will become. Just look at us and our neighbours.

monsterball said...

I have alway admire Mao Tze Tung.
That man is a true freedom fighter.
Next to Lee Kuan's a book about Mao.....I always buy.
But it's the revolution and his greatest act...burning hundreds of temples and made monks dig shit holes...please me most.
He laid down the foundation for no nonsense religions in China.
Go to Tianmin Square..Peking..and see..non stop...millions line up to pay respect to his embalmed body...paying respect to him......not despising him at all.
As for Hitler...I think he was greatly misunderstood...but in war...he was too cruel...thus the good and bad sides....bad sides kept being promoted by USA.....just as they did to Mao...but Chinese who lived with Mao knows best.
One wants to talk of Hitler...need only to see Isreal and Palestine conflict.....end of story.

Dr Hsu said...


Wish you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and Haapy new year.

Christmas, like all festive seasons, should be enjoyed by all.

I always enjoy Christmas even though I am not a christian.

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

Your greetings come just at the most appropriate time. I just received a call from my housing developer that the OC (CF) of my house has been obtained.

This has given me much relief as my house has been delayed for more than a year!! I have been under great mental stress because of this problem for the past 2 years. Just imagine all my life savings are in this house and already paid to the developer.

My happy greetings to you and your family too!!


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