Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lucky Sperm Club

Warren Buffet from Wikipedia

The Malaysian Insider features the article by The New Paper about the "granddaughter " of Warren Buffet, the 32-year-old abstract painter Nicole Buffett. Nicole is actually the adopted daughter of Buffett's youngest son, Peter, who married Nicole's mum when Nicole was just four years of age.

Let's read some of the comments:

[Warren Buffet does not believe in rewarding those he calls “members of the lucky sperm club”.

“I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing.”

“I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.”]

Well, the article is supposed to be about Nicole, but we get to savour the "Thoughts of Warren Buffet".

Say what you like, but he is still the richest man on earth!!

If I am not mistaken Warren Buffet have made pledges to make sizeable donations to worthy causes.

Can he be like Bill Gates for the benefit of the world?

Hope the world's less fortunate people benefit from these pledges.


monsterball said...

Yes..these well educated billionaires who made their billions with their brains...will donate back to charitable organizations.
Similarly...look at the America entertainers...so much loving kindness in their own ways...as if...asking God to forgive them.
Malaysian multi millionaires from UMNO are a bunch of scrooges and thick skinned monkies.
There ...you can see the clear differences between righteous successful men and crooked ones personalities...when you talk about charity work.
And in Malaysia...you can see...the most generous people are from the commercial field...like Genting...Hong Leong...Public Bank..Robert Kwok...mostly Malaysian Chinese...are doing charitable work in big generous ways..not to do that...to show off...or to advertised themselves.
Americans are real sincere down to earth..big hearted humans...because the made their billions in clean ways.
Malaysia is a country..full of crooks and supporter of crooks.

monsterball said...

And what is this sperm club..I have no clues at all.
All I know..doners of sperms are given to the unfortunate...that cannot conceive with husband weak sperm.
But today...humans are able to reproduce identical humans ...although everyone is denying and said they will produce organs to save many more.
This is the most dangerous period of human kinds....upsetting all the laws of nature.

Li Li said...

Merry Christmas Everyone,

It is time to forgive & forget... Time for giving & sharing....


Li Li said...

Hi Monsterball,

I truly admire all those 50's generation people who slog so hard & share their vision that we could benefit for generations.

They build hospitals with loving kindness in mind. Assunta Hospital, Tung Shin hospital, Lam Wah Ee hospital, Adventist hospital etc. And also from my heart, I truly appreciate what the Genting group has built. So many job opportunities & I am able to stay comfortably in a nice place for a few days - a city above the clouds. At a very very cheap price.

Definately, I also appreciate all those people who have contribute in a small way or indirectly for a better Malaysia.

Unfortunately, our current generation expect to take, take, take only and no toil & sweat.

Yes, you are right, great man/women around the world who are successful will contribute back the society.

I don't think American's way of generosity is a way to ask God to forgive them. I always believe there are many genuine people who are very giving.

bow said...

Justin, thank God for created USA in the first place, he allows all sorts of people of different color migrated into his land from different continents, given them the liberty and equality to reach their potentials, so come many charitable men and women from USA, continue doing God 's work in evil men control countries, even though it is such a daunting task ahead for them to make a big difference in our ever greedy world today where leaders only serve self interest like Malaysia instead of common good for the suffering masses.

Li Li said...

Hi Bow,

I guess you & i are the only ones who think USA are fighting a war against terrorisme & they are indeed charitable.

After this statement above, I expects bullets coming my way soon in this forum.

Ha, ha....

By the way, you look like Obama. Hah, that is why you are Pro-USA ?

bow said...

Actually i am not Pro any country or political party in a sense that i just told the truth about a country generous undertaking and help to the world 's oppressed and marginalized population, not trying to spin for gaining personal or political mileage. Li Li my dear commentator.
Talking about terrorism, it is a extremely difficult war to fight for USA indeed, their enemy is invisible and very adaptive.

bow said...

It is a fact that many countries are good in criticism and paying lip services except doing something about charitable works around the world and giving out money to help the needy. Just look at Malaysia, plenty of natural wealth, but all were plundered by individual in BN through high position in government and private sector, but vast majority of citizens can hardly survive with rising cost of living and poor governance.

bow said...

LiLi, I do wish that it is not true only both of us believe that in Malaysia; as i realized that BN has manage to demonize USA quite successfully due to the fact USA citizens are having personal freedom and individual rights protected by the government has make many islamic countries politicians feel threaten and nervous about its policy.

bow said...

Actually many of the world wealthiest had never care about world hunger or suffering except trying very hard to collect more in addition of their huge wealth especially those from middle east oil rich countries. For them, living in palatial mansions and offices is a better way to spend the wealth and have as many wives and mistresses as possible, these are the most dangerous men and women in our world today and you can many find quite a few right here in Malaysia.

monsterball said...

Taking the opportunity...to wish Justin and family..and all visitors..readers...here..a Merry X'mas and Happy 2009!!
I am contented ..I am well and good..with peace in my mind.

Justin Choo said...

Greetings to all my supportive readers. You are like customers to a businessman, no customer, close shop.

So this is wishing you peace and contentment everyday, not just for the festive season.

As for me, the only one thing I wish for is Good Health, and die sleeping at age 999 years old!!!


monsterball said...

Justin is hungry to live an incredible long life!
As for me...just go..get lost....once I finish my savings..die with no problems to love ones and dear friends.
That can be any day from now onwards...no problem.
But someone up there loves me. Money problem...always solved.
Now I have FEW powerful holy people...all dead...like Ahmad Deedat..Chief Reverend and few more monks...close to me...and few living monks...I am surrounded by holy holy living and dead souls...that at times...I "feel" the dead are pulling fast ones on me too!!

bow said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to whoever celebrate holiday in this blog......and welcome of a new Malaysia for all Malaysians in 2009.

monsterball said...

You wish I lived to 222 years old and yourself ...999 years old.
So you are actually wishing me much shorter live than yours?
Anyway..you can live to 999 years old.
Me...drop dead anytime..no problem.
Have a nice Merry Christmas.....with your family..Justin.
Again to all visitors in this blog!


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