Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anwar Vs Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei today is as famous and as popular as Anwar Ibrahim. If you have to choose between attending Anwar's ceramah tonight and watching the match live, which would you choose? I think Anwar's ceramah tonight should have a big screen broacasting live Lee Chong Wei's match of the century. Then the mammoth crowd can cheer for both of them!!

I secretly wish that the match be between Indonesia and Malaysia, rather than China. To be honest, I wouldn't like China to lose, but I want Lee Chong Wei to win! Since there is no such thing as a draw, then I wish Lee Chong Wei all the best to bring back the first Olympics Gold Medal for Malaysia. I hope Najib keeps his promise: RM1,000,000!!

With all the trash we see to-day, it will be a welcome change for all Malaysians when Lee Chong Wei brings back the Gold Medal.

I often wonder what is there in swimming compared with "skillful" sports like badminton, table tennis, gymnastics and the likes.

"Add Oil" Lee Chong Wei!! (I mean in Mandarin, Jia Yiu!! : Give your best ever!)

1 comment:

monsterball said...

Sadly Lee Chong Wei lost...quite tamely.
But he got the silver!!
If a gold is worth RM1 million...will Najib reward Lee with at least RM300K....if not RM1/2 mil.??


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