Saturday, August 30, 2008

East Vs West (#12 of 18) Handling Problems

Handling Problems

Blue is West: Take direct steps to solve the problems.

Red is East : Try to avoid conflicts, and if can, don't leave any trail.


monsterball said...

I was walking orderly in the blue circle at Permatang Pauh...when police with machine guns make me walk in circles...cannot reach destination.

Justin Choo said...


You forgot that you got 2 bodyguards J and R to protect you!!

A true Malaysian said...


Your pictures implied Westerners are 'straight forward' while Easterners used to 'beat around the bush'.

In certain circumstances, 'straight forward' approach is better. It hits nail directly into people's heads who live in 'denial'.

You get what I mean?

monsterball said...

You cannot simply use your bodyguards slaves.
They also have families and their chores to do.
That is why..those who work for me..stays work..good pay.......hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

I put a post like this at romerz blog...."A person can have 5000 "shots" with quality take care of every "shot" said I am filthy and romerz just keep quiet!!
I apologise....also no response.
Really difficult to be a wise man.......hahahahahahaha

Justin Choo said...

If you decide to set up a branch in Pg, please let me know. I like the "no work good pay" package.

A true Malaysian,
There are ususally the good and the bad points in everything, also depending on different occasions.

monsterball said...

But as for Malaysian is straight forward.......for or against!!
No funny..middle road. Lives may die because one wants middle road.
It's WAR....against UMNO!!
In Penang...I don't need bodyguards.
I have romerz and Justin.
That is.....if my fortune telling is accurate..that both will protect me...not one run north and one south...leaving me to the vultures....saying.. "serve him right".
That's what we call....versatile thinking.........hahahahahaha


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