Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today The Chinese People Stand Tall!!

Today, the Chinese People are standing tall.

In 1949, Chairman Mao proclaimed to the world at Tien An Men Square that the Chinese people had stood up. Today, after 59 years, the Chinese people have stood tall!

As I confidently
wrote earlier that China would end the Games on top of the medal list; today it has become a reality!

This is the resilience of the Chinese people. It has proven time and time again that with a united vision and a strong and efficient government, a nation can be nurtured to succeed, whatever odds it may face.

China tops the gold medal tally at 51. It has 21 silvers and 28 bronzes, making a nice figure of 100. Trailing next is the United States with 36, 38, 36 with a total of 110. While Russia takes up third place with 23, 21, 28; a total of 72. The rest also participated.

Congratulations!! China!!

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