Friday, August 22, 2008

P44 : Local Boy??

Bernama news reported the PM as saying that it was time for the Permatang Pauh electorate to give an opportunity to a local candidate who resided in the area to represent them in Parliament.

The logic it seems that to him "if the Permatang Pauh voters chose an outsider, the elected representative would not be able to understand what they want except for someone like (Datuk) Arif Shah (Omar Shah) who always resides here."

If this is the logic of a genius, then the PM has got a problem because he too does not reside at his constituency either! And so are many of the MPs who do not reside at their respective constituencies.

My sincerely apologies if I misinterprete.


Serious Shepherd said...

Eh, bukan ka Pak Lah tak dok kat Kepala Bataih tapi dok nuuun kat Putrajaya sana tu. Habih, dok kata jangan ambik oghang yang tinggai kat luaq Permatang Pauh apa hal?

How's my northern accent? Translation:

Eh, I thought Pak Lah does not reside at Kepala Batas but faaaaaar away at Putrajaya. So why say don't pick someone who reside outside Permatang Pauh?

siewkhim said...

Badawi is the most idiotic human being ever created by God. He belongs to the religion sect Islam Hadhari which spread the following 10 commandments:

1.Thou shall commit bribes and rob thy neighbour and country
2.Thou shall scandalize thy neighbour to win votes
3.Thou shall lie thy academic qualifications to win votes
4.Thou shall use utmost power to destroy thy neighbour and oppponents
5.Thou shall take Mongolian women and screw them then thou kill and blast them with C4
6.Thou shall use taxpayers' money for thy benefits and thy cronies'
7.Thou shall cheat and rig during election
8.Thou shall call holy jihad to destroy thy opponents for thy benefits and thy cronies'
9.Thou shall appointment idiots and fools as VC of thy universities
10.Thou shall only appointment Islam Hadhari members to key government poasitions like in universities and mosques.

Umar said...

He is just talking in his sleep ma!!!!!

dano said...

siewkhim, u ROCK!


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