Tuesday, August 26, 2008

P44 : The Heroes Of Permatang Pauh

The Heroes of Permatang Pauh. The nation's fate rests on your shoulders today. We salute you.

Please go to vote and make the right and honourable decision.

Make it a BIG majority !!

Send the LOUDEST MESSAGE today !!
The last rite??
Picture taken yesterday at the perimeter of a Chinese cemetery in the Permatang Pauh constituency.
Picture courtesy of TV SMITH's Dua Sen, which I quote:
"The by-election is being played out like a cliff-hanging soap opera. At every dramatic turn, a confessing party hopes to bury the other. Even though it is the tail-end of the Chinese Ghost Month, the phantoms still hold court".


Gracie said...

Justin Timberlake dearest,

Alright, if I'm 10 years younger, I'd be all my way to entice you. You couldnt even escape from my hand-grip!

Sure Anwar gonna have one biggie win. But each time I see his ever 'salty-wet' eyes, my toes turn cold and hairs on my legs stand 90 degrees.

And thinking about him becoming the next PM ar, my toes ice-freezed and my hairs come out all together.

You think that's possible ar?


Justin Choo said...


If Anwar keeps his promises, you will respect him. So do I and everyone else.

Li Li said...

Hai ya Gracie,

You always write like there are juicy juicy hidden story about the top politican. Got me curious lah.

Whether AI is gay or not, as long as he will stop the leak of sinful uncontrollable spendings of certain individuals; it is very ok already.

Rather than some clean looking guys and those people allow leakages of public funds and national resources into own pocket. These are dangerous people who we must avoid.

Luckily, all this drama is all over and we look forward to a more transparent government.

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,
This drama not over yet. They are still targeting Anwar. The court hearing has not even started.

Who cares about what Anwar does in his private life. Even if it's true, so what? They are just out to get Anwar by whatever means. But they are failing, and they become their own victims. The P Pauh saga is their first taste of their downfall!


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