Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sound Of Music : 40 Years Later !!

The Sound Of Music!! 40 years old!!

Do you know I never actually sat to watch this movie from the beginning to end?! But I know every scene and know the whole story. This is because I have been sitting watching parts of it for the past 40 years!!

You won't believe this: only yesterday I had to torture myself listening to Do Re Mi again and watching Julie Andrews teaching the 7 children the basics of music notes. I had to babysit my grand daughter, and wifey said, " Put on the Sound Of Music!". "Oh no, not again!!" I searched for the dvd and inside were 3 discs. I was so sure that disc 1 would be a bore, so I put on disc 2 and sure enough the Do Re Mi song was at the beginning of that disc!!

I always joked with my family that the scene showing Julie Andrews "running here and there," "jumping up and down," singing on the mountains reminded me of the Bollywood film only minus the background dancers which usually appeared like magic in Bollywood!

Strange is life. I never like watching Sound Of Music but had to watch it for 40 years even till yesterday. Oh my goodness, will I have to endure for another 40 years when I reach age 98!!??

These photos were related to a BBC documentary, interviewing the "children" of the "Sound of Music" movie. The "children" are middle-aged people now. Not everyone had smooth-sailing in his/her life. Some had broken marriages; and some had difficult times in their careers. BBC had tried to include Julie Andrews in the program as well; but somehow that did not materialize.

The Sound of Music ... 40 years Later...


monsterball said...

The best movie of all times...yet you did not see it completely for 40 years?
Are you nuts??
Everyone of your age..especial;y English educated guys...have seen it completely for at least two times.
I have seen this for more than times....I can recollect.
And I do that..not baby sitting my grands.I hate baby sitting chores!
By getting the wonderful original photos of the Von Trapp family......I cannot help but want to ..angkat your bodek a little.

Dr Hsu said...

I love this musical, the meaning behind, the music. every song is well composed and catchy....I must have seen umpteen times but once in a long while, when astro plays it, I still watch it.

And I do play some of the songs like ederweist! ad the hills are alive.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks for visiting, Monsterball and Dr hsu.

Some light hearted reading away from the trash being churned out by little-minded politicians!!


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