Monday, August 18, 2008

P44: Penang Hokkien

Looks like if you are a Malay and can speak Penang Hokkien you will be a suitable candidate for P44. All the Chinamen will vote for you. Forget about Ketuanan Melayu or Malay special rights for the time being. What an insult to all Chinese voters!

Let's see who can speak better Penang Hokkien with the correct intonation.

: Do not attempt to read aloud if you are not fluent in Penang Hokkien for if you mispronounced a word it most probably will convey an exact opposite meaning!!

The number "4" in many Chinese dialects can mean "Yes" or "Die", depending on the intonation. So is Penang Hokkien. P44 can mean "Yes Yes" or "Die Die". If you know Hanyu Pinyin; the third intonation for "4" is "Yes", and the fourth intonation is "Die".

Now let's go:
Anwar Si Si, BN See See !!
Anwar ki liau, BN see liau liau !!

Anwar Si Si (you must intone on the third intonation) which means Yes Yes
BN See See (pronounce like English See, fourth intonation) which means Die Die
Anwar ki liau means Anwar sudah naik

Be careful on "ki". It may mean "rise up" or "gone case" depending on the intonation again!!
The fourth intonation means rise up, while the third intonation means gone case!! If you are a green horn, most probably you will pronounce for "gone case"! So be careful.

BN see liau liau means BN semua mati!!

Now try again:

Anwar Si Si, BN See See !!
Anwar ki liau, BN see liau liau !!

Anwar Yes Yes, BN Die Die !!
Anwar rises up, BN die all !!

( Poetically)
Anwar Yes Yes, BN Die Die !!
Anwar Rises, BN Good-bye !!

I don't know how to upload Youtube. If anyone can do it in Penang Hokkien, please inform me and I can embed it in this posting. So please check on this posting for update. Hope my internet Sifu DC or Romerz can help.

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