Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Voice, Two Little Girls!

The Star Newspapers today on the front page reported that the little pretty Chinese girl appearing in the opening scene of the Olympics Opening Ceremony was not the actual singer.

Personally, I really feel that this "deceitful" presentation could have been avoided. Don't tell me that China could not find a little girl with a pretty face and a sweet voice to boot? After all they have been given 4 years to look for one. I feel this incident is really a let down.

Although it may be viewed as an insignificant "sleight of hand" on the part of the Director to project the right image for the Nation, I personally feel that it is a very inconsiderate, insensitive and imperceptive decision. Actually they could have presented both to the world, one (Yang Peiyi) really singing and the other (Lin Miaoke) gracefully dancing!!

Just a passing comment on the Opening Ceremony. The opening drum display was spectacular and breathtaking. But the rest was a let-down. Perhaps my expectations were to see some wu-shu/acrobatic and dance sequences. The "Peking Opera" scene was not well-chosen for worldwide audience. It should display a battle scene with plenty of acrobatic movements. And the "puppet display" was also a let down. Happily, it was a relief to witness the spectacular finale of the Torch Lighting!

[As an afterthought on this topic of "one voice, two little children", hopefully the organizers would make atonement to include Yang Peiyi to sing again, this time on stage for the Closing Ceremony.

Hope some groups in the Olympics Village would be thinking along similar lines and make it a reality. It would then be a very befitting moment for a Nation of maturity, showing justice and fair play, the essence of the Games!]

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