Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Safe Is Beijing Olympics?

(Photo from BBC News)

"One World One Dream". But there is always others out there to spoil the show.

Kashgar, known as Kashi in Chinese, is some 4,000km (2,500 miles) from Beijing, near the border with Tajikistan.

(Photo from BBC News)

"Although the episode happened a long way away from Beijing, the very fact that it happened four days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, will make the organisers nervous," says the BBC's James Reynolds in Xinjiang.

China will not allow any untoward incident to disturb the smooth functioning of the games. After four years of extremely hard work involving millions of dedicated Chinese volunteers and security personnel, China will not succumb to any sabotage by a handful of mindless bigots.

I shall be watching the opening ceremony at my relatives' home as I don't subscribe to the sports channel. I think I will also make an effort to watch the gymnastics events, the glamour of individual performance of the highest perfection in human physical artistry!

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