Thursday, August 28, 2008

Devils : Real and False

The Star reports today that the Grand Old Man is saying that Anwar could "convince even the devil to follow him". The Grand Old Man is insinuating that those who support Anwar are devils.

Well, it takes a real devil to catch all the false devils!!

Dr Mahathir predicted that once back in Parliament, Anwar would make “life very difficult” for PM Abdullah. Do we need him to "predict" that?? We can tell the whole world for sure that Anwar will make life difficult for the PM. That is precisely why we support Anwar!!

The Grand Old Man needs a thorough mental check-up!


monsterball said...

That is why...with his character..s many Malaysian Malays are cunning and
real sicko in UMNO.
Fortunately..a good portion is running ignore silently for Anwar.
He is the biggest devil in UMNO BARU...but smart enough to resign...and hope no one can blame him anymore.
He plans to migrate Taksin...when Anwar is PM.
Why so..if he is so clean?
Yes...we must help get rid of these UMNO crooks...once and for actually save ourselves.

A true Malaysian said...

Haha, Justin, monsterball is here also, so I am 'A true Malaysian'.

Sometime it is better for us not to talk so much, our grand old man inclusive.

Really disgusting to read the so-called champion speak nowadays.

Sometime really think of stop giving my views which I think can 'convince' these people, but apparently, no effect at all. So, what you suggest? Stop writing?

Justin Choo said...

Welcome True Malaysian. Monsterball is ok. Except you can't read his mind. And be careful what you write here about Uncle Ball. He is everwhere, floating around waiting to strike at his whims and fancies. Now I am beginning to understand monsterball. You see I like to joke and sometimes went overboard. I never meant to hurt anyone with my witty comments. You know I am an old man trying to attract attention, but using the wrong method.

So I must tell Monsterball here, I know he is reading. I am just joking.

Justin Choo said...

a true malaysian,

I forgot to tell you to continue writing. If you don't write, then there won't be any conversation. It will be very dull.

We have to chit chat just like in a social club. We cannot be there and not talking, can we?

cilyhot said...

Mr Justin Choo,I accidently found your blog n become an immediate fan.Your blog simply got the uuuumph.I resolve to read all your articles,sooner or later.Mind u the only blog I did that is kennysia.Keep it up,young man!!!anyway, I have to sleep now,if not I will be late for work tomorrow.Don't know why,I just love your entries!!!

monsterball said...

Good morning you lovely Malaysians.
Go have a nice long weekend..but avoid supporting UMNO's
Merdeka celebration......until Anwar is in Putrajaya.
True Malaysian....lets keep Justin COMPANY.
He is broad minded and not sensitive at all. Certainly a generous person .in his own ways.
Becareful...behind that loving not a timid can easily bully.
Behind a person under controlling and controlling......simply because feeling helpless.
Once he solve his problems..Justin is a lion in a cage.....released..and all hell goes loose.

Justin Choo said...


Welcome aboard! It would be nice if you would tell me how you accidentally found my blog. I am very happy that you like my blog. Thanks a lot! This will encourage and motivate me to try harder.

Before I forget, I am no longer a young man, SIGH!! A very tired (and retired) way past middle-aged "young man" with a 3-yr old granddaughter to take care of, full time!!

Please visit this blog and make it lively. You will eventually meet all the happy friends here, young and old; boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, aunties and uncles!!

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for your company. Very much appreciated!!

monsterball said...

True Malaysian...Did you not remember Dr.Hsu said.."write till you drop dead" keep writing. have fans in Doc's blog...which do write good stuffs.

monsterball said...

cilyhot..This is Justin blog...and I like to talk to visitors.
hhhmmmmm....Let me like hot stuffs!!
I guess you are a girl!
Hot Malaysian music and hot friends!!
But your parents don't know the real you..only your best friends.
You are about 16years to 20 the most.
If my fortune telling is lousy..I will close shop....find another way to cari makan.
My stall is at Petaling Street...K.L..."Monty Fortune Teller" far so good...plenty of suckers believe me.

A true Malaysian said...

monsterball & justin,

I don't even realise I got fans in Dr. Hsu's blog.

Ya, its true that all of us should continue writings to put our thoughts in blogsphere, irrespective whether readers buy our stories or not. Also hope that those pro-Umno or pro-BN fellas can accept my views with open arm. As I said before, I am neither pro or against Umno / BN. Truth will prevail, either you like it or not.

It's good you guys meet.

monsterball said...

That's your problem...true malaysian.
At this cannot sit on middle ground to are "neither pro nor against UMNO and BN".
It's a warlike situation in dirty politics...and it is "for or against".
But are entitled to your way of thinking...which really care for yourself ...more than majority Malaysians and the country. You will be the very few..who keep respecting a government of 52 years....with no regrets. Are you handling some MCA or Gerakan accounts?
I will you vote in the next election.

A true Malaysian said...


I am impartial in my thinking and hopefully those guys in power can change their mentality. Wouldn't it fantastic if these guys could change for the better?

Having said this, I still doubt these guys will never change. That is why my thinking is geared towards Pakatan Rakyat.

One good example is Dr. Hsu, he is a Gerakan member and yet his thinking is geared towards Pakatan Rakyat.

Human being human, there are good and bad people at both side of the camp.

Having said all these, I prefer to be apolitical, politics is not my game.

cilyhot said...

Mr Justin,n also cc to Mr Monster Ball,I.m sorry because I have forgotten how I found your blog!!I remember reading malaysiakini n stray away to some blog who put your blog 1sy in the friend's list.And I know your true age but your style of blogging make me realise YOU ARE VERY YOUTHFUL IN YOUR HEART.Your blog TOUCH apple polishing.Mr MOnster ball,I have to visit PETALING street to take down your 'signboard'hahahhahhah.BEWARE.


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