Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic World Record : School Population!

SJK (C) Padang Gajah’s sole student V. Sivasanthiran, 12, raising the Jalur Gemilang during assembly with teacher Lim Shu Miin (left) and headmaster Ooi Ah Bee in attendance. — NST picture by Wong Tuck Keong.

This is interesting news. If you have not read to-day's New Straits Times Online, please click here to read the full story.

There is only one pupil in this Chinese medium school. Add to this wonder, the Year Six pupil is not a Chinese. He is V. Sivasanthiran.

The school is SJK (C) Padang Gajah in Trong, some 30km from Taiping. It has one teacher, one headmaster, and one Indian pupil!

However, the school's unique situation is coming to an end soon. It will close its doors at the end of the year and be relocated to Bandar Seri Botani in Simpang Pulai, near Ipoh.

What a relief, for the entire staff of two!!

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