Sunday, July 6, 2008

Radiation from mobile phones?

Remember the mobile phones and the egg post? Aiyah! I should have checked the "Snopes" to confirm. It's a hoax, no doubt about it.

Here I quote:

"In 2000, the web site Wymsey Village Web published a spoof article ("Weekend Eating: Mobile Cooking") about using two mobile phones to cook an egg. The implications of this information were ominously obvious: If cell phones could cook an egg inside its shell, imagine what they might be doing to your brain! Charlie Ivermee, the founder of the site (which is presented as the online home of a fictional English village), explained that he penned the piece to poke fun at precisely those kinds of technological fears:
There was a lot of concern about people's brains getting fried and being from a radio/electronics background I found it all rather silly. So I thought I'd add to the silliness. Although the names of the article's putative authors ("Suzzanna Decantworthy" and "Sean McCleanaugh") should have been enough by itself to give away (even to those unfamiliar with the nature of the Wymsey Village web site) that the item was spoof, Ivermee noted that more than a few readers took his humor piece on the level:
I really underestimated how many people would take it seriously. No other page on the [Wymsey Village] site has grabbed people's attention and ire button as much as this one. My only regret is that I did not get a dime for every hit on that page. "

Just imagine, since 2000, and only now and still being conned!! Millions of suckers born every second!!


monsterball said...

The first few years of HP in the market...yes many people suffered from ear drums ...broken.
Most of those brands...closed shop now.
Then...Motorola was dominating Malaysian market...with their designs and one can compete...but they loose out to Nokia in capturing a line fast and trouble free HPs.
Since then..Nokia stays No.1 in Malaysia...and all over the world.
Nowadays...China made HP and lap tops are so attractive and dirt cheap....some swear they are value for money....but my supplier told me to stick to brand...with good service after sales....and good resale values.
But a HP bought for RM3K...can be bought for RM1.8k next year....and RM800 year after next....brand new...what resale value?
I bought a Nokia for more than RM3k..5 years selling at RM350...brand new. No one want that model anymore.
I sapu two....and kept them.
I like the model...and who cares...if it is 10 years old model.
It has to so call ..additional new features models...but I use it a phone and a camera....nothing else important to me.
I carry it..all over the world... serves me fine...phoning back home...or receiving calls.
My Sec. is nuts about HP and spend all her salaries on changing model...every year. She actually is the real nut...but one should have a hobby....that's hers..and I hope she can get a rich BF...and.. God... help that man!
By the way...WyWy went bankcrupt..due to concentrating on Motorola their so call... Sole Dealer in Malaysia.
My good friend was a genius..building up WyWy...and turn to be an idiot...when one fails miserably in business.
Those are the labels...they will bestowed to successful and failing business people.
I wonder what titles....we can give to those UMNO courupted blokes.

Justin Choo said...


Hats off for you. I Salute you! What a wealth of knowledge and experience you've got. Definitely not bec you're the youngest, for I am youngest too. So by logic and elimination, it must be, you are a millionaire's son!!
(Just joking!)

Justin Choo said...


"I wonder what titles....we can give to those UMNO courupted blokes."

Suitable titles not allowed in this blog!! Or I will be in deep trouble!!

monsterball said...

hi Justin....Wealth has nothing to do with knowledge.
One must be hungry for be knowledgeable.....not because he/she is a millionaire.


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