Friday, July 25, 2008

The Altar Of "Malay Unity"

(Photo from The Malaysian Insider)

I might have read his articles before in the Malaysian Insiders, but his article featured to-day strikes a chord. He is the young and talented John Lee. I don't know whether you have taken notice of his very articulate style of presenting his thoughts and opinions. He is way ahead of those his age, and others older as well!

To my knowledge, he has written the best article on this so-called "sensitive" topic. I think his written opinion and personal experience would not have seen the light of day during the Mahathir era. His story is unfortunately, a very typical story. I also have had such experience for my adopted daughter, but that is another story.

I hope things would improve in time to come. Maybe in another generation or two, if there are changes. The indoctrination has been going on for so long that it is impossible to change their mindset overnight.

I wish him success and happiness in his new environment.

If you are still wondering what the hell I am rambling about, please clik here. I have also put a link to his blog.


jonathan said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog... i just started and I was supposed to start long ago but events after March 8 really got into my nerves. I use to comment on the msb and know two of them whom I met before. They have asked to to blog at least on the parody of things in BolehLand as my serious stuff would not be liked by the powers to s my visitors are that you see. It's ok I don't mind... I'm not seeking any award for no of hits... or famous enough like Tun Mahathir! or RPK or Rocky!!!
Hey do contribute to local history ok. I read philosophy and history in u and am particularly interested in local history!!! My interest is also in communication studies and epistomology ... blah2
No Lie-dat oso can ah is my manglish with a tinge of nihon-jin semantics :P.... it's actually .. 'Like that also can'? a common query like 'huh... come again or say that again? hope you get the drift..
I would love to be academic and rationale in BolehLand but then there are tons out there like yes John Lee that my intellectual input is minuscule... i love research and if i am to write a discourse on the issues of the day... I'd suffer from stress and lactic acid built up.. simply I'm too a perfectionist. but i think i'd want to take a more relaxed look at what's happening...
Thanks for adding me. I try to be balanced though a hypocrite I try not to let my prejudice cloud my comments on issues that affect ordinary people... I have more stuff coming up..
Thanks for your support. I will keep my blog simple no intention of making money out of it but don't mind the extra cash if anyone wants to help me out in my blog!!! Anyways I've been procrastinating attempting an anthology of short stories - part fiction part real...something along the July afternoon blog.
I do believe we must take heed of what the past teaches us and if we are to repeat it at least avoid a copy cat or carbon copy behavioiur and actions for present day action- life is an oxymoron that's make it interesting. In BolehLand, BolehLanders have an infinite interpretation of plausible or possible reasoning to even a seemingly ordinary event... we are the mother of conspiracy theories :P
take care and your other blog touches of an area of interest of mine... philosophy of religion... but I won't blog much on heavenly things... it's enough of drama on earth to handle for the moments.
cheers :P
apology if my comment is a blog entry itself :P

romerz said...

Dear Jonathan,

I also read your article in Malaysia Insider and my heart goes out to you.

However, I would like to add that local history will just remain just that if we are not prepared to stay and fight for those who have no choice but to stay.

The fact that we can leave to a safe haven does not mean that the injustices have ceased to exist.

You are an educated man (from reading your writing) but what about those poor uncles and aunties who can only accept what is dished out to them? What about them?

Like you, I can leave at anytime, but that doesn't make me sleep any better for leaving those unable to behind.

I'm an 'old' man in comparison to you. Unless you together with the 56% of Malaysians under 25 are prepared to take up the challenge, what hope is there left for our kind?

Justin Choo said...


Jonathan is not John Lee; well at least to me. At first I was thinking the same as well, until I read down the lines. Jonathan is from Lie-dat Oso-can Ah?! which you can click from my link.

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for visiting here. You can see this blog is getting very lonely. But better than talking to myself. At least can make friends in blogosphere. Romerz is one of them, who I shall be meeting for the first time, come this Thursday.


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