Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mr Mercedes!!

'next time you wait and see- we change a more shiok one...lombo-gini yah!no need PM ok next time... got oil royalty - no problem
(Picture from Lie-Dat Oso-can Ah?! without permission)

Don't you think you are sick of all the trash spewing out from the mouths of little minds????

Get on with your work of governance, or just get out !!

The Star is quite happy printing the "news". The more annoyed we are, the more we want to read and write about it. It's reverse psychology! In a little remote turtle town of an unknown kampung called Bolehland, these "elected" kampung "officials" are playing with toys, not spinning the gasing (tops) like their neighbouring kampung, but playing with the real stuff which rich men do...Mercedes cars!

Quotes are from the Star:

[ Terengganu can keep its 14 Mercedes Benzes bought for RM3.43mil recently but they can only be used for foreign dignitaries.]

"Foreign dignitaries" visiting this unknown kampung?? Beijing Olympics held in this kampung ah?? Has this kampung a museum? It will be useful as a garage for these 14 Merc E200 Kompressors while waiting for the visits by foreign dignitaries!

[ “I told them that the state government has not spent extravagantly and the decision to procure the Mercedes cars was done after two years of evaluation,” said Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said.]

Huh? I thought he just recently became the MB. Two years evaluation...Phd thesis on some nuclear hypotheses!
Aiyooooh!! Don't want to write anymore!!!


jonathan said...

Hi... it's BolehLand you can take without asking as what our brader elected members doing now... i think i'm posting last blog on these lan chow (lousy) protons topic ... see my blog

Justin Choo said...

Thank you Jonathan for the permission.


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