Friday, July 4, 2008

Balasubramaniam retracts all accusations!!

Balasubramaniam retracts all accusations against Najib in Statutory Declaration!! This is from . He said the SD was made under durian, sorry, under duress. Let's see what other bloggers have to say here, here and here and here.

First was the spin. Then the counter spin. Now the "Go-stan" spin. And the share market ; tail-spin!! Let's play the "musical chair"!

This is going to top the list above the Korean TV drama serials. While in the meantime, I better go to Kelantan to learn to spin their tops!!



B.H. said...

It is certainly an insult to Malaysians' intelligence that they think we would believe this hogwash for even a second.

I think this charade is far better than any telemundo or asian sobfest. Malaysia puts on knee slapping live comedies.

Anonymous said...

no kidding! so quick to retract. Guess he know who is in-charge of C4 storage now, it is not DSNI that can protect him.

monsterball said...

He is shaming his family and his kind.
First it was one nobody.. .trying to be too smart...pulling a fast one on on Anwar? Is he NUTS???
Lawyers report is true and the other is false......and recommend be tried for a false report. Which one is true or false....never mind. He should be tried...and put to this involves serious matters.
This son of a making my toes daringly pull fast ones on Anwar and Najib.
Now my otak do know...who will benefit from this crazy nut stunt.
But whoever it is..I will support Bro. PM......for we must be dead set to change the government with our next election.
Just look at Rias Yatim..talking cock..doing useless work....paid by us. This makes me one of ..a stupid boss..and I don't like you?


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