Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can My Dream Come True?

(Photographer's comment: Lottery ticket vendor, China town, Bangkok. The irony in selling the dream of winning the lottery unperturbed by the man lying on the street amazed me. The sad thing is I almost didn't notice him, consumed by my own indifference. )

At least once in 3 weeks some people's lives change beyond their dreams!! Each time I buy 3 dreams, and dream along for 3 weeks. Then for a few minutes in every 3 weeks, my hopes heightened while checking the draw results in the papers. For RM9 or less, it's worth every sen dreaming. I don't know; for me, this dream is very close to my heart, something very real and just waiting for the right time! Maybe because someone I know had struck it rich recently, although he has already got more than the lucky pay-out. Strange isn't it? When you don't need it, more is given to you.

Dreaaam on...........

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