Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim Arrested!

Police convoy heading towards IPK. ─ Picture by Shannon Teoh

(From The Malaysian Insider)

Anwar Ibrahim calls for calm. Read here from The Malaysian Insider.


Gracie said...


Whoa! Thanks for your superfast news. I watched Anwar's debate with Cheek yeasterday, and I knew he'd be in troubles.

And his new liwat case has made me laughed till I rolled over my bed!

Heya, I think Anwar should be hurled back into the cell again for almost turning the entire country upside down. What do ya think?


Gracie said...

Li Li,

Are you around? Please feel free to write to me. Yvonne, has given you my email addie right?

You live near Yvonne's place?


Justin Choo said...


The news is not superfast. It was already circulating in the internet minutes after his arrest!

Aiyoh, looks like you have not been a good citizen scrutinizing the state of affairs of this country.

The present government has been plundering us for the past 30 years, and has been using the divide and rule tactics sowing distrust amongst the races.

Even if Anwar is a devil, it is better to have two devils for choice rather than letting the only devil tramping on us. At least we can pitch the two devils to fight between themselves.

romerz said...

Dear gracie,

Whether Anwar should be 'hurled' back into a cell is not the point. He may well be guilty as charged but the manner in which he was arrested stinks of high-handedness. Something which we Malaysians should not and must not tolerate!

We are a nation of laws, not only in substance but in spirit. The high-handedness displayed today, whilst within the law, only demonstrated 'arrogance' and thus not in the spirit.


Are you free on 31 July? If you are, may I interest you in a book launch and forum on 'Non-Sectarian Politics' at the E&O. Speakers like Neil Khor, Khoo Kay Peng, Toh Kin Woon, and Anwar Fazal will be speaking.
If you are interested, you have to register as places are limited. Just go to

on how to register.

I'm also looking forward to meeting up with you since our friends in KL already met up.

Will Smith{Enemy of the State] said...

Dear Fellow Malaysians,

Anwar Ibrahim is prepared for all of this.

He has sufferred enough for 6 years in prison on TRUMP-UP charges by the Evil Dr Mahathir [even though we give him credit for building Twin Towers Toll Roads and other Megalomaniac projects].

Anwar Ibrahim is prepared to be MURDERED or KILLED by his political enemies .. who are Malays [perhaps also a few Chinese Tycoons and Hindians].

Anwar Ibrahim has certainly and clearly showed the PERVASIVE Corruption in Government from the Ministers, IGP, AG, and GLCs.

His Malay Political Enemies are NOT PREPARED to see their power and grip on the Wealth of the this Country return to the rightful owners ie. the Raayat, Parliament, Honest Transparent Government.

His Malay Political Enemies DO NOT want to see CLEAN and Uncorrupted Judiciary. They haev put in an UMNO Court of Appeal President.

The Malay Community is still in a STATE of DENIAL and still cannot accept 5 States haev gone to Pakatan Raayat.

Anwar Ibrahim must be "ELIMINATED" at all cost and his Malay Political Enemies are simply doing it right now by changing the SCRIPT slightly differently from the last one in 1998.

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for the info and invite. I have sent my request to Neil Khor.

Looking forward to meeting you there. By the way your photo indicates that you are such a young and handsome guy, reminds my of Dr Hsu. From your regular comments, I thought you were an elderly soothsayer!!

Dear Will Smith,
The good news is that Anwar is now out of police custody!


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