Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Monsterball !!

Happy Birthday To You Monsterball !!

Keep the ball rolling!!

A 5-minute you-tube presentation specially for you!

And the cakes at the end!!

(There will be no more posting for to-day, so that this Happy Birthday Presentation can stay on top for the whole day.)


monsterball said...

I have never experienced such loving kindness from a new found friend....all my life!
Yes...we keep thinking..who are our best friends...from tiny adult hood...our best fiends keep changing.
What we all may have are few childhood very close friends...which I do have too.
As we get older and wiser...we forget about best friends...and start off...who are our most sincere friends?
There we have a to find a best friend....and have three or four in your are very lucky.
But to have a group of sincere good expand your happiness and living horizon to a more practical and wider cope in living conditions....making the birds of the same feather...flocks together..somewhat true.
Justin Choo fits in to become one of my new found sincere friend. I am so lucky!
He appreciates kindness and have great compassionate feelings for others. He is one grateful man. Such a person will go through life...experiencing hardships and suffering in silence...on many happenings...he cannot find any logical answers. Simply means .....alot of bad luck....not much .. good luck...keep coming.
Being a Buddhist..he sure knows what are good and bad Khammas.
On my birthday...I can only put out in his blog..for him and for visitors....if you are feeling being treated unfairly or suffer for no reasons...bear them with all your positive attitudes and hopefully ..with a smile.
Buddha...Jesus....Mohammad...Moses...down to present day....Mahatma Gandhi....Mother Teresa...all suffered extreme sufferings. One even sacrificed his prove his points.
All these blessed souls are now remembered forever and ever...because of sufferings.
I used to advise my children and workers...if one do not suffer to change for the acquire more knowledge....suffer to change bad attitudes...habits.... to good will never succeed in life.
And once ...a person keep doing the right things...seeing truths..come easy to him/her.
Yes Justin ..I thank you sincerely for your time and create such a loving post..especially for me. We just happen to talk...and now look....we are good friends.
You cannot come to the mountain...then one day...the mountain will come to you.
I will surely meet you one day in Penang....that's a promise.
Thank you..thank you...and may you and your well and good.

Dr Hsu said...

Justin, what a great tribute to a good man.

Though I just met him yesterday, I feel like I have know him for a long time with his wise, sometimes caustic remarks , always to the point....I have always thought what a wise man he is... and I was not disappointed yesterday.

I wished him happy birthday face to face...and chatted with him for more than 2 hours.... till the place closed for business.

The chinese has a saying : when you find a true freind, even a thousand cups of wine is not enough". We drank a lot of coffee yesterday, and could have ordered more if not for the closing hours.

I enjoy your post !

monsterball said...

Thank you Doc!
I instantly took a liking ...seeing you face to face...with that totally honest and serene face.
You also spoke...straight to the point.
And when you spoke did not disappoint me at all..
Yes...Doc...we will be sincere..good friends.
Now I have to to get the mountain to meet Justin...since he cannot come to the mountain......hahahahahaha


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