Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Conspiracy" : Anwar's trial.

Came across this 7-part series (about Anwar's trial) on You Tube from "Foreign Corresponent" dated Dec 2007 which is quite recent. I just finished watching the first part only. Thought I should share with all you good people first.


monsterball said...

This is old news.....but great to be reminded again.
Yes...who does not know..UMNO's biggest threat is Anwar.

Bow said...

Biggest threat to UMNO?
No wonder he was called "snitch", "puppet", "spy", "agent" and "traitor" of USA by umnoputra.

Never ending "sandiwara"!!!

Anonymous said...

All the while i thought non-malay is the biggest threat to umno!


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