Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Talk with trident tongue

“When we talk about Malay or Muslim unity, I must stress that it is not exclusive. It is not at the expense of non-Muslims,” Najib said when asked to comment on the proposal by PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat for Umno and PAS to dissolve and form a united Muslim party. This was reported in the Star today.

This is not straight talk, nor even double speak. This is speaking with "trident" tongue. How can it not be exclusive when you talk about exclusively "Malay or Muslim unity"? Where is the transperancy if it is "not at the expense of non-Muslims"? Hey! What happen to the other BN component parties? Where is MCA, MIC and Gerakan (if it's still around)?

By the way how can it be possible for PAS and UMNO to be "adik beradik", where you can see the battle line being drawn in the kampungs. You have mosques where PAS members will never attend, and mosques that UMNO members will never walk in. The ideologies of the two are also world's apart. The present cultures of the two are also like "black and white". They are so obvious to all of us that I need not elaborate.

Why not talk about fairness in opportunities for all the rakyat, instead of other rubbish.


Gracie said...

Heya all,

How can the Muslims unite, when they're just so, so paradoxical, you know, contradicting each other?

See ar, a couple of Muslim husband and wife. The wife all wrapped up like ketupat with a glove on the right hand. (Preserving chastity?)And the husband is so fond of sniffing (and more) the backside of his gender.

Whut so fragrant about one's backside hole anyway?


Justin Choo said...


The whole episode is a fabrication. You must read more of the other bloggers' comments as well.


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