Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Most Luxuriest Jail in the world!

Take a look. It's a shopping mall cum 5-star hotel. No it's the world's most luxuriest jail in Leoben, Austria.
Don't you even think about it. Malaysia is not ever going to build such a jail. If it does I will be the first to commit a serious crime so I get to enjoy all the facilities and food and accommodation for free. Best of all it will be the safest place to live in, given the present dangerous environment we are living in now!
I bet 240 million people will also be scrambling for a place there. Don't know why I thought of this figure.
Incidentally, Indonesia's population is about that, so I was told.
Crime does pay in Austria!

1 comment:

monsterball said...

I always thought Austria was tiny country.
I came to know this country from the movie..."Sound Of Music"...a true life story of the Von Trapp family.
Yes Indonesia have more than 240 million population.
I think Austria is less than Malaysia.


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