Thursday, July 17, 2008

Najib Is An Honest Man!

(I got this photo from wikipedia. Strange, why the US flags?)

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is an honest man.

The Star reported him claiming that his outstanding track record of giving priority to the people cannot be denied.

"Stressing that he was neither a weak nor a scared leader, Najib said his achievements reflected his credentials, capabilities and commitment to safeguard the interests of the people."

He said, “Look at my track record. I am not neglecting the people’s interests."

Well done, you honest man! We, the lowly peasants pray you take care of us!!


monsterball said...

hahahahaha..He is a real idiot....for years..depending on mother's advises.
All he dressed up and talk in style.
He is such a selfish....cunning low IQ man ...the very day...5 years ago....abandoned Mahathir ..who was the man..who actually gave him all the wealth and opportunities....UMNO politicians all know Najib cannot be trusted.
That selfish act of his....always do things.for personal a blessing in disguised Malaysians.
When the famous Highland Tower...near Batu Cave collapsed....rumors has it..he was having sex with an apartment and ran out naked!
His sex life is legendary.
What a loving and understanding wife he has.
Musa Hitan son died in that building.
Now Anwar has been released .after 24 hours police custody....means no evidences of sodomy. Saiful is next.
After the debate.....which Anwar won ....Anwar is d getting stronger and established his trustworthiness.
Thus be proven a liar...will be the final nail..for UMNO's coffin.

Gracie said...

Justin, Monsterball, Li Li, all friends,

Najib's cases are rumors among rumors. But the real one that I knew last time was Datuk Sabaruddin Chik, the former Minister of Tourism. Heard of his case?

In the 90s, he was a regular client of Jockey Lounge and Deluxe Niteclub, in which I had worked for several years. When I was in Deluxe, his favorite hostess, a Malay girl told us her experiences with him.

He usually would be with her in penthouse of Crown Princess Hotel, Jln Ampang. He was a old and was not good on bed, came only after a few strokes.

After the 'session' he'd be gambling, playing cards with his friends. And all his expenses were paid by these friends, the rich Chinese tauke!

Moreover, every night after the Annual Assembly Meeting of UMNO, all those ahli-ahli UMNO would patronize our nightclubs. But anyway, they were very nice, polite Malay politicians, and would buy us at least 5 hours, plus some tips.

Hence, we girls already knew the 'not-so-clean' of the politic circumstance of Malaysia at that time.

And things are corrupted even more now...sigh....


monsterball said...

Interesting ...but not surprising.
Infact..I used to hear from hostesses...muslims clients treated them well and fair.
On is not rumours at all.
He does not patronized night clubs..nor gamble .but he is a womanizer.
His always done privately...arranged by someone.
Highland Tower collapsed...out ran Najib...with goes the story...and many more.
Anwar is also known as a womaniser.
Which man is such position?


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