Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anwar Attacks! Bursa Suspended!

Anwar fires. If you have two opposing versions of a story, ay least one must be false. Who is /are the liar(s)? Right now the people suffer. Do you believe that Bursa suspended trading to-day because of system glitches? What a timing, what a coincidence. Why nowadays it's always "coincidence"? One very experienced commentator in blogosphere wrote:

"Another thing, about the suspension of the BURSA today due to a technical glitch, its all another spin.
For those unaware, it is near impossible for the BURSA to be down because of technical reasons. There is an identical back-up system which can be up and running precisely for this reason.
Blaming the hardware of the primary BURSA system is a load of bull since the back-up system is ready to step in should the primary system fail. It is highly unlikely that both systems should fail at the same time.
And note the timing of the suspension. It was before the opening bell.
The BURSA was suspended deliberately to prevent panic selling!"

So are you going to panic when market opens to-morrow? If at all? If you sell, then be brave to buy back at lower prices. But are you brave enough? For me I stay put with my blue chips. I was a remisier for close to 10 years, had seen it all; also lost all, well almost.

May the Power That Be have mercy upon all of us innocent citizens!


monsterball said...

When Anwar attacks..all hell go loose in UMNO...and rich investors..especially those whose support UMNO or even UMNO corrupted ones..holding some blue chips will the blue may turn to dark brown...dead stocks!!
Why do they call good blue chips? When a person..turns blue...sign of fainting or dying.
And guys speculating in the share market...have difficulties to find out which one is worth guessing..which one have links with the government and UMNO will try to bail it out again..if a water hose. Just leave the same old reasons alone.
It is the middle class and honest down to earth ... many many companies that will suffer..if they have spend off their huge gains from share market.
Yes closing the share not due to technical problems or reprogramming..but then..this is Malaysia.
All UMNO men..can make idiotic excuses.
I notice UMNO gals are relatively quiet. All should resign and join People's party la...leaving Rafidah and Zalina there as Pres and Vice...with few talk rubbish. Radfidah is smart...not to offend DAP or keDILan....but that AP Queen....will have it coming..sooner or later....when country is under People's Party full management.

monsterball said...

Yes professional photographers love black and white prints.
I was working as a General Manager for Jebsen & Jessen..promoting Metz...Zeiss...and many more photographic equipments.
On TVs...the have Grundig.
All products are at least 25% dearer than any competitors...and my best dealers are from Penang.
And yes..I love photogaphy all give up.

Justin Choo said...


We are now like sitting ducks!! Or dead ducks already?!

monsterball said...

No no no....We are never duckies nor balless animals.
Like Najib said...the truth will prevail...and all Malaysians hope so.
What does the military and police exercises ...tell you?
Take a nice drive with your unwind.
Have no fear.

Justin Choo said...

You have certainly put some life-blood into my blog. Thank you for visiting and commenting in so many of my posts. This serves as acknowledgement to all of them.

monsterball said...

And I certainly enjoyed Frankie Laine many songs.
Seeing him live again...singing...brings a tear of joy into my eyes..especially.. "Climb the Mountain so high"???
And at age 92...singing "One night with you"...looking so cheerful and healthy and hitting the high last note...that's rally something.
So..Justine...I thank you for that..and lets say..we are even.
You take good care of yourself...and be truly happy....always is what we all make what we are.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks monsterball. You've also unknowingly brought "cheers" to my life. And Dr Hsu also!

novice101 said...


You and `monsterbal'l seem to have a good time. That's is what serendipity is all about. You don't actually go out looking for it but the good thing just comes along.


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