Sunday, July 20, 2008

Which Car Would You Buy?

I will buy the Mazda (top right) because I like the colour.

Maybe the cute lttle red car (bottom right) because it has vintage value.


monsterball said...

I own a RX7 rotary engine sport car.
Too powerful.with a safety features.
It's a suicide car!
So are all Protons.
My first sport was a British...compact car.with battery under he seat! It's MBGTC??
Real safe...but most uncomfortable.
Then I switched to Alfa Romeo 200 GTV.My father begged me to sell it away....this is a real sport car...but body get rusty..very easily. I have to keep going to S'pore and buy 'goldern hope" spark plugs.
Then ...I bought a Merz stuck to that..changed every three years...all second hand..few of them...until last year.I sold last Merz SL.
The C&C sales manager is my childhood friend from Malacca.
Any sports car he cannot sell...and is value for money...he will phone me up.
Once I bought a 6 months old Merz slc..owned by Sultan Of Pahang...all yellow!!
So many looked at me....feel yellow is royal colour.

Justin Choo said...

Wah! You got "chit pa ban" many times over like in Romerz's post on "Hokkien Dialect"

monsterball said...

We are talking about cars...bodoh!!

monsterball said...

arn chor lu ai korn lui?
oou cit pak ban borsi boey ciar saja.
chi kannan carbor lui...tak cor guat ai chin coi lui....sampau borliow.
looi chai lar chum bor?


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