Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anti-ISA Vigil ; Penang

15 Nov (Sat) Penang Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil,
8pm sharp.

(Location map from Mental Jog)

(Below is a "copy & paste" from The Middle Ground)

[We have all heard about what happened at the anti-ISA vigil in PJ and also those peaceful successful ones in Ipoh and Seremban. Well its our turn next, this Saturday, 15 November at the Esplanade.

Even though RPK is no longer under ISA detention at the moment, the fact is 60+ others are and worse still, the ISA remains as a weapon of an unjust government to use whenever it feels threatened. We have to let the ruling class know that a democratic and just Malaysia must evolve past the draconian ISA, enacted during the communist insurgency.

And we can do this best by getting ordinary Malaysians involved in telling our government, in no uncertain terms, that we wish to evolve as a country and as a people, even though some of the ruling class are adamant to remain in the stone age.

By the way, the confirmed speakers at this vigil are :-

YB Chong Eng, DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam
YB Mujahid Yusof Rawa, PAS MP for Parit Buntar
Gary Nair, PRM Penang chairman

I've heard both YB Mujahid and Gary Nair speak before and they are excellent speakers. I can assure you that if both of them are true to form, not only will you be entertained but more importantly, you might just leave the vigil a little wiser.]

Do your part, stand up and be counted.
I shall be there. 8 pm sharp if not earlier.

Have A Nice Day!


monsterball said...

It will be great...if Romerz is interested to widen his going with you.
It's great Penengites are thinking of the ISA detainees..the silent heroes.

cilyhot said...

I went to the Ipoh vigil last week!Din Merican spoke about the trouble brewing in PJ.Despite that NOBODY disperse and we stay until the end of the function.A police patrol car was noted and they mind their own business.Everybodies went home peacefully and the policemen present had nice dreams sleeping after that!!!


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