Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anwar doing Tai Chi?

(Anwar doing Tai Chi?)

(Toddler doing Tai Chi?)

(Shadow doing Tai Chi?)

You know, I've been thinking. And so is everyone. What is Anwar up to? Is his deadline still valid, December 8? Can we believe him?

As I wrote before, his deadlines were like punters' 4-digit forecasts!

Then I suddenly thought of Tai Chi while I was practising my Chi Gong. You know Tai Chi movements are very syncronized and balanced. I also practised Tai Chi before so I am quite familiar with the movements. With right arm raised, the left one is lowered. With the right leg raised, the left bears all the weight. And vice versa. It is also called the Yin Yang movement; with a harmony of a pull of positive energy inwards and a corresponding push of attacking force.

All movements are circular in motion neutralising resisting force. Despite the movements, once the whole set is completed, the person will be back to his original position. In terms of strategic maneuver, he doesn't gain an inch. But when he is back to square one, his whole body is being energized from the pugilistic exercise.

What has this got to do with Anwar? I think he is practising political Tai Chi. With his initial aggressive stance he was like moving up his right hand and kicking with his right leg. Then he gave excuses just like moving down his other hand and putting pressure on his other leg. And then he threatened, just like pushing the attacking force. Finally when the attack failed, he retrieved his energy back! After kicking here and there, yelling high and low, he was back to square one. We didn't gain anything except some excitement watching the show, but he profited with the media exposure.

Isn't this just like Tai Chi?

Well never mind if you don't agree or are getting confused.

By the way Anwar is keeping very quiet nowadays; perhaps he is practising meditation this time!

Have A Nice Day!

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monsterball said...

And if Meditation fails...he will practice Yogaism...bury himself alive in deep sleep..for few days..to shut the UMNO nonsense from him.
But maybe is the smartest and most considerate politician...trying ..not to give UMNO a chance...to arrest..to create tensions...with more provocations.
After all...his aggressiveness on two predictions were hampered by Dollah.
So...one cannot say...he is a liar at all.


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