Monday, November 17, 2008

The END : Dec 21 2012 !!!

A mysterious planet, Nibiru will appear on Dec 21 2012; and that's the end of this world!

What is this Nibiru? And this is from Wikipedia:

In recent years, the work of Zecharia Sitchin has garnered much attention among ufologists, ancient astronaut theorists and conspiracy theorists. He claims to have uncovered, through his own retranslations of Sumerian texts, evidence that the human race was visited by a group of extraterrestrials from a distant planet in our own Solar System.

Sitchin's theory proposes the planets Tiamat and Nibiru. Tiamat supposedly existed between Mars and Jupiter. He postulated that it was a thriving world in a much differently shaped solar system, with jungles and oceans, whose orbit was disrupted by the arrival of a large planet or very small star (less than twenty times the size of Jupiter) which passed through the solar system between 65 million and four billion years ago. The new orbits caused Tiamat to collide with one of the moons of this object, which is known as Nibiru. The debris from this collision are thought by the theory's proponents to have variously formed the asteroid belt, the moon, and the current incarnation of the planet Earth.

Beginning in 1995, websites such as ZetaTalk have identified Nibiru or "Planet X" as a large brown dwarf currently within our planetary system, soon to pass relatively close to Earth. Sitchin disagrees with the timing of passage.[2]

Sitchin hypothesizes it as a planet in a highly elliptic orbit around the Sun, with a perihelion passage some 3,600 years ago and assumed orbital period of about 3,750 years; he also claims it was the home of a technologically advanced human-like alien race, the Anunnaki, who apparently visited Earth in search of gold.]

I don't have the intellectual capacity to explain, but the wonders of You Tube solve it all!

After watching the videos below, you can go direct to other You Tube videos of same topic.

See you on Dec 21 2012!!


monsterball said...

End of the world have been predicted by idiots..soothsayers..fanatical religious teachers....and now a scientist.
Usually science is more reliable than fictions...made into facts.
The most ridiculous on religion is....this..the father...son and holy ghost.....not three but one.
USA have the most call religious teachers with so many morons...believing in them...sell of their follow and many even gave up their lives...following a cult teacher.
Malaysia have it's fair share of predictions..mostly by fanatical muslim religious teachers...but not much publicity given t no one believe in those mad buggers.
There was a prediction that Buddha will reappear..after 3000 years...and one by the name of.. Ram Bahadur Bamjan....made headlines.......disappeared and now back...after one year absence.
It is said..when he comes will be the end of the world.
To me..I interpret it as end of the world for Satanic people....starting with Malaysians voting UMNO out for matter how hard they are trying to buy our hearts with good the goodies are always ours...taken away..and given back..little by little.

monsterball said...

It's same old hints...that God created us..therefore the so call Holy Bible is true.
The gave all the comparison...leaving out..the Peking Man!! They said..those are evolutions of apes.
Then comes...the signs..such as floods....famine...tusami... terrorists attacks...and ALL developed countries agreed...our world need environment attentions....LEAVING OUT...the real causes and effects.
They are the end results of USA ..Russia..years and years of missiles test at ..blasting a hole at the Ozone out the most significant change of environment.
The are the results of USA...Britain..clearing up their fores5ts for development..with no regards to altering weather so filthy telling others not to cut forest trees...which means they can get rich and well developed...others stay behind.
Indonesia and Africa are ignoring..and that's the main cause of weather changes now.
Those are not Scientists...but bloody Europeans...out to fool the world....protecting their own kind and to promote Christianity.

monsterball said...

Everyone knows..Sumerian is one of the oldest the Middle East.'whose dominance faded away from the face of the so many other tribes in the world.
Now this shit s claiming writing and few other things.confirmed to originated from now Sumerian inventions.
This is sick group of Christian fanatics...dressed up like fool the world.

monsterball said...

I think you must be watching the "Stargate" bring out this subject....Justine.
But it is entertaining.......not true.

monsterball said...

Notice...there are more than 35 videos on this subject..yet..not one world newspaper is making it .a headline news!!
Come on man..humans will all headline news...except from Justin?
Lets vote ..for or against it....true or false..hahahahahahaha

romerz said...

I'll see you on 22 Dec 2012 Justin.

I'm not going to 'hogwash' these claims but I'd just like to bring to your attention one contradiction.

If the creators of our human race has the ability to fuse the 2nd and 3rd gene of our DNA and create the human race but yet requires us to be their slaves to mine for resources, does it not contradict their advance technology?

Utter rubbish!

Having said that, I do not think human kind is a creation of God and that there exist out there a civilization that has visited us before.

It is for this reason that I'm agnostic and think that religion is man-made to explain away the fears of the unexplained.

And by the way Justin, before you whack me, Buddhism is not a religion (in the God sense per se) but a way of life!

By the way, my dad survived the week and I'm back. :-)

Justin Choo said...


Happy to hear from you again, now that your dad is ok!

Bow said...

In USA, fanatic and cult leaders are becoming smarter every day, they are very good at disguising themselves under main stream religion and propagate false doctrine from the pulpit and fake church.

Justin Choo said...


There is a worrying trend that these devils are using the internet to spread their nets. Read this in the newspapers recently, that white "supremacy" groups and the KKK are very actively engaged with the internet in the US.

Bow said...

Exactly , Justin...those devil worshipers and racist hate mongers are tech savvy and crafty !!! You shouldn't be surprised when many Americans are misguided. They normally like to pinch one great religion against another in the name of domination, happen in daily TV, radio talk show, and internet.

Bow said...

In reality, they are not christian but love to portray themselves as such while spreading their messages,many times manage to fool simple mind among the population and the world.

Anonymous said...

Sitchin must have eat too much french fry and garlic ring. his doom day scenario is so scary........!never mind, he is getting so much attention now even Malaysian recognize his astronomical work,not be able to differentiate between farce and scientific.

Justin Choo said...


Bankrupt people and conmen will always be here so long as there are fools who wish to believe and follow blindly.

You can even cooked up a story on Yoga and raise hell-fire!!


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