Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beautiful Pictures !!

Beautiful pictures!! But where are they?

This post is the first without any picture, and it's titled "Beautiful Pictures!!".

They are too good to be featured in this humble and unassuming blog.

So you have to be directed to THE BLOG for the real thing!

Have A Nice Day!


monsterball said...

Yes.....those bloody UMNO hypocrites...can bullshit their old kind...over and over again.
There is another set of photos...showing PM in waiting SONS...enjoying life in London...same style.
They are so corrupted and filthy rich...having no shame at all.

sjsandteam said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for publishing the synopsis of our articles in your website. We appreciate your co-operation to fight the evils monopolizing this country, alongside us.

We will confront all these evils together and be brave always.

Once again, cheers to you our brother


Justin Choo said...


Glad that you notice. In fact I promoted your site earlier @

Also put a link in my blog.

Justin Choo said...


Yes I've seen those of the DPM's son's them thru email.

I dare not post the pictures in my blog. I think the email is still in my "in" box. But I did forward them thru email.

Hypocrites are worse than real racals.

monsterball said...

They are so used to spending millions per year...inspite of being totally illogical...based on their salaries....yet all deny corruptions.
So many UMNO members are living in bangalows...driving Merz/BNW...each worth RM500k to buy..yet...past ACA said no case against there is no proof.
Are they blind?
Lets see new do they judge corruptions.
Just present the facts to court...with all their properties.....presented as proofs...and lets do they defend themselves.
Income tax is so smart to see...everyone pay taxes..right to the very sen. smart to get smugglers..yet no one can catch big big UMNO crooks.
Try that in USA..all UMNO ministers will be in jail by now.

A true Malaysian said...


It is case of don't criticize others if ourselves are not better.

Look at ourselves first before criticizing others.

monsterball said...

Agreed! Hypocrites are worst than rascals.
In Malaysia...voters that are applying agree to change the government...have no real love for others and country...but 100% voting for personal benefits.
Kickdefella put out an excellent post..on political bloggers....right now....and we do have commentators...that love race and religion matter how much...they write...agreeing to change of government.
agreeing' like a 4 ..maybe...have not decided yet.
All based on where the winds blow..and follow the crowds.
Such kind of friends...I have ...but you can never treat them as real sincere friends.
So...their votes can swing.


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