Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mother Of All Horrors!!

(picture from The Star)

Oh! Mother of all Horrors !!!

I live in Penang and only two days ago I passed by Esplanade and was blind not to notice that the Esplanade field had been bombed and filled up with cement to build tents for the refugees!!!!!

From what I know the term "Tennis" comes from the root word "tents". So playing tennis means playing around the tents. But in this case not even a tent can be seen!

They must be JOKING!!

The Mother Of All HORRORS!!

What have Penang become? Senile???

AIYOOOOOOOOOOOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the TRUE story read HERE:


monsterball said...

I don't know about tennis in Penang...what mother of pearl of all re talking about....except..that photo can be misleading.
It's purposely put out that test your eyes and your imaginations.
It's trying to find monsterball put his response. got it.
It's a ..daylight robbery!!

Justin Choo said...


Did you click:

"For the TRUE story read HERE:"

You should click on the word "HERE".

monsterball said...

Soooo tournament is know why. No.. RM2 million deposit.
Tournament keep promises to sponsors....go here go there...everything and anything....foc??
Seriously such tournament should be announced...until and unless...all the sponsors money are guaranteed by bank.
It is now..the thousands of tickets sold. Where is the refund?
Is this a con job??


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