Friday, November 7, 2008


(Picture from Malaysian Insider)

The Shah Alam High Court this morning ruled that the detention of well-known blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the ISA was illegal and ordered his immediate release. Malaysiakini reports that YM Raja Petra Kamarudin will be brought today to the Shah Alam High Court where he will be released from illegal detention under the ISA by the Evil BN / Umno regime.
RPK's release is yet another blow to the BN/Umno regime of PM Abdullah Badawi and especially so to PM in waiting Najib Razak as RPK is seen as a one man demolition and Terminator of the Evil BN/Umno regime that has ruled Malaysia since independence from Britain.

A freed RPK will certainly cause insomnia to creep into the lives of Najib and the rest of the BN/Umno goons. Please be there to greet Malaysia's Martin Luther King Jr.



A true Malaysian said...

Apart from 308, this is the next best gift Malaysia can ever had.

Congratulations RPK.

Ikrak said...

Mampus lah UMNO!! Mampus lah UMNO leaders past and present. Mampus raja shaitan Mahatir s/o Iskander Kutty dan kelurga dan cronies-nya.

Jahanam lah Najis, Botak dan semua UMNO's leaders.

Let's work together to get rid of all UMNO vermins past and present from the surface of this earth forever!!!!

monsterball said...

He will be released at 4 Shah Alam High Court.
This is real...great news.

Justin Choo said...


Make sure you are there to welcome RPK home.

Victory to RPK! Victory to the Rakyat!


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